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10 Ways to Reclaim Your Time

January 05 2016

2351 HDC Task for Your Assistant Blog 1024x512Would you consider yourself a busy person? If you work in real estate, the answer is probably "yes." Real estate agents are some of the busiest, most hard working professionals of today. Imagine a world where you didn't have to shoulder the burden of your business alone. Imagine if you had someone to order inspections, photograph your listings, and prepare escrow files.

With such help, you could leverage your calendar to get more business, convert more leads, and grow your business to new heights. With that in mind and knowing how busy and demanding a career in real estate is, it seems strange that only 18% of REALTORS® have a personal assistant (NAR Member Profile 2015).

You can't afford an assistant? Well, team up with some other agents in the office to pay for a shared assistant!

You don't have enough extra work to warrant hiring a permanent assistant? Consider finding a temporary assistant for the busy season!

You could use a full time assistant, but you just don't have enough work to keep them busy? You may be wrong. Here are just some of the things your assistant could be doing for you:

1. Enter listings into the MLS – You are a highly trained real estate professional. Let someone else enter the detailed listing information into the MLS. You work on bringing home the bacon.

2. Manage closing paperwork and prepare escrow files – As you're probably aware, not everyone who gets licensed makes it as an agent. That means there are individuals out there looking for other ways to utilize their skills and knowledge. Consider hiring a licensed assistant for some help with the paperwork!

3. Send mailings to past clients and prospects – Why not let your assistant handle the mailings? It would be a shame to miss out on an opportunity because you haven't had the time to reach out to your prospects.

4. Schedule listing presentations, closings, and appointments – You know all those voice mails that you get from people wanting to schedule appointments? Have them ring to your assistant. Get those people on the calendar!

5. Place/track advertisements – Advertising is a great way to increase brand recognition and drive website traffic! Have your assistant handle your advertising needs and track what ads are having a positive result so you can maximize your advertising dollars.

6. Send progress reports to seller – Your assistant can reach out to your clients to update them on how many people have looked at their property online and requested information, as well as offer other updates as needed.

7. Order inspections – You already gave your assistant control over your calendar in #4. Might as well have them call the inspectors as well.

8. Photograph listings – If you aren't going to hire a professional photographer for your listing photos, might as well have your assistant take the photos for you. If you don't already have an assistant, consider adding photography to your list of required skills.

9. Prepare Property Fliers – Fliers and other marketing materials are really easy to make with the right software, but that doesn't mean it's the best use of your time. Have your assistant handle this so that you can work on other things.

10. Find FSBO listings – As you know, selling a house is hard work. Have your assistant find those who are trying to go it alone. Once your assistant's lined up a FSBO, convert them!

For more ideas on how to leverage your time, watch Wendy Papasan's recorded webinar, Build A Big Business In A Short Amount of Time & Still Have a LifeBuild A Big Business In A Short Amount of Time & Still Have a Life. For tips on increasing your ROI, check out Resources to Maximize Your ROI in 2016Resources to Maximize Your ROI in 2016.

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