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Overcoming the Fear of Selling (Part 1 of 2)

June 22 2011

It is always interesting to watch the room full of real estate agents when you bring up sales tactics like door knocking or cold calling. Most agents adamantly dodge direct sales like the plague. It begs the question: are most sales repeat and referral because we do not prospect like sales people? Unfortunately, failure to prospect new customers means you get very few of them.

Today, real estate agents are bombarded at every turn about the power of word-of-mouth advertising, referrals, blogging, and social media as ways to find clients for their business. All of these work as a means of augmenting direct selling, but they are not replacements for it.


The biggest fear agents have about selling is the fear of rejection. Some great agents have invested so much in their business and are so confident in their efforts that they develop “ugly-baby” syndrome. “What do you mean, you wouldn’t choose me as an agent” is the dreaded reaction.

Fear of rejection is the key issue of prospecting avoidance. Many agents dread coming across as pushy or intrusive, while others are intimidated by approaching those they perceive to have greater power, wealth, or status.

Oddly, the outgoing personality characteristics combined with detail-orientated skills may become a hindrance to an agent when it comes to prospecting. This personality type is excellent in maintaining trust relationships, but awful at making new ones.

The solution to overcome the fear of selling is to simply push past the anxiety. Create space in your day, every day, and just smile and dial (be sure to check the do not call list first). If you are really afraid, call people two states away. It may not get you any business, but you will become comfortable with making the calls if you go the absurd route of knowing that you will absolutely be rejected every time. Have fun and get used to it. The “no” answer is not as bad after the 20th call.

As for overcoming the fear of door knocking, you need to push through that too. Here is a secret – people are much more kind in person than they are on the phone. Rejection at the door is softer. Try working an area where you or someone in your office has a listing. Ask questions about the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Here is another secret. Instead of thinking about what you get out of prospecting, think about what your future client is going to get out of it. Imagine the joy they will feel when you help them through a short sale, or help them find that home where their child gets to go to the best school, or that room with a sunset view your buyer has always wanted. Real estate sales are more than making money. You are helping people manage their lifestyle and their home in the best possible way.

Tomorrow we will provide you with 8 ways to overcome the fear of selling. So be receptive and be ready to readjust your perspective! Oh and, of course, be ready to make more sales.