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15 Resources for Better Real Estate Photos and Videos

December 29 2015

mobile video recording 4Photography and video articles are consistently among the most popular on our site. And it's no wonder--unless you hire a professional for your photo and video needs, agents have to learn everything from the ground up. This includes everything from lighting, choosing the right camera equipment, editing, and beyond. That's a lot to get a handle on!

In 2015, we published multiple articles about photography and video. Two even made it into our Top 10 Articles of the Year! (You can see them herehere and herehere.) While we've omitted those two to avoid repeating ourselves, but you can see the rest of the best photo and video posts of the year below. This gives you a single list of resources to refer to when you're looking for ways to improve your multimedia skills in the year ahead.

Photography Tips and Tricks

Are your listing photos missing that certain je ne sais quoi? Paying attention to things like lighting, staging, and composition principles can make a big difference. These five articles offer advice for making your photos compelling to viewers:

Video Tips and Tricks

Though related, video is a more complicated beast than photography to tame. In addition to getting the (moving!) visuals just right, you also have to worry about sound, editing, using the right equipment, and so much more. Check out the following articles to reduce your learning curve:

Top Tools and Apps

Mastering multimedia isn't all "you shall" and "you shalt not," it's also a lot of fun! Once you get the basics down, turn to these tools to make your photos and videos better, and get them in front of prospects online.

If improving your multimedia skills is one of your New Year's resolutions, these articles will help you get on the right track. Have any photo/video tips or tricks that you think your fellow real estate professionals should know? Share them in the comments below!