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Fun Infographic: Real Estate + Social Media

June 22 2011

When it comes to real estate technology, today’s professionals can’t ignore social media. That’s why we were so interested in this nifty infographic from Mashable. Before we reveal it to you, we just want to clarify the source of the data. We’re going to quote Mashable here:

“Alexis Lamster, VP of customers at Postling and creator of the infographic below, told us that the company analyzed more than 500 Postling accounts specific to real estate and more than 7,000 small business accounts to extract information on how the real estate industry is using social media.”

So that’s only one company’s data, and that company just happens to be focused on social media. As such, their customer base is probably made up of early-adopters and tech savvy businesses. In other words, look at these stats with a critical eye. Do they match your own knowledge and experience?

Social Media Real Estate Infographic Mashable