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Got a Post-Sale Strategy? Join the Club

June 22 2011

As everyone in this business knows, referrals are the gift that keeps on giving. One satisfied buyer or seller leads to another, and soon your reputation grows among past, present and future clients. It’s the best kind of real estate marketingreal estate marketing, so why wouldn’t you want to encourage it in your real estate business every step of the way? Oddly enough, most Realtors do not have a post-sale plan in place that they use on a consistent basis.

It’s understandable, though: Once a listing has been acquired, a buyer located, an offer made, countered, etc. etc., and the ink is dry, most real estate agents take a deep breath and carry on to the next prospect without following up with the previous client in any way. According to research done by Suzanne Roy at Tech Savvy Agent, less than 10% of Realtors have an after-sale process in place designed to retain some kind of communication with former clients. One of Ms. Roy’s first suggestionsMs. Roy’s first suggestions for an after-sale strategy is to gather Realtor testimonials. Specifically:

“It always has and it always will be not what you say you can do, but what other have said you have done. The easiest way to gain testimonials is to request it within a week of closing and via an email. Get it while your successful closing is still fresh in everyone’s minds and get it quick!”

We could not agree more. In prior blog posts, we’ve shared some tips on how to gather real estate reviewshow to gather real estate reviews, mainly the one-two punch of (a) make it part of the process, and (b) give your customers a reason to put in the effort. Once that’s done, ReachFactor verifies these reviews and markets your online reputation across the web. This turns an ineffective “testimonials” section of your web site — which research has shown few people trust — into a dependable marketing tool that promotes the skills and market-savvy you bring to the home-sale transaction.

Adding another process to an already detailed process might not seem possible at this stage, especially since the simple feat of acquiring a listing can be pretty gargantuan. But, it’s going to make your business grow.

Do you have any advice for how to stay in touch with clients after a sale, or how to earn referrals? Share them in the comments section below!