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Real Estate Website Basics

Today a brokerage in the northeastern United States launched a new website. When I saw the press release, I rushed quickly over to the website to see what type of new innovations may appear.
wrong way sign higher resWhat I found was a website with a high quality domain name (city name + real estate), tons of search engine optimization features, multiple language support, market reports and more. I enthusiastically rushed over to the quick search on the homepage, picked my dream home prices, saw a list of results, and clicked the first oneREGISTRATION REQUIRED. I left, heartbroken and angry.

We hold this truth to be self-evident. The purpose of a real estate agent or broker website is property search. Forcing registration is the worst possible thing that an agent or broker can do to alienate potential buyers and sellers who visit your website.

I have seen this happen a thousand times before. An agent or broker knows some genius Web designer who works with the most special companies in the world. Surely that person is qualified to build a simple real estate website, right? No!
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