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Learn About ZAP Video App for Your Smartphone or Tablet

November 26 2015

reclarity zap ssReal estate agents are always looking for cutting edge applications that allow them to leverage their mobile device to more effectively sell real estate. REclarity Real Estate Video Message Maker is a tool for your mobile arsenal that you should download now.

There is a new vocabulary word for real estate that every agent should get to know. It is called a ZAP. 'ZAP' means Zoom and Point, and that is all that agents need to do with their cell phone to make incredible home tours with this new free real estate app. There are in-app purchases for the REClarity Plus Upgrade for $2.99 and the Remove the Watermark Option for another $2.99.

The feature that we like the most about this clever new real estate application is simplicity. Let's face it, technology is a barrier to the adoption of new technologies. If you need to take a class to learn how to use software, it's useless. The skills required for using this app include taking a photo and recording your voice explaining the photo. That's it. Taylor K. Thomas, a reviewer giving the app 5 stars says, "This app has completely replaced my need for a virtual tour service." Taylor works with All City Real Estate in Texas. He currently has three listings, all over $1 million, in the Spicewood, TX area.

Nothing replaces the story of a property by an experienced real estate agent. When consumers hear your voice providing information, it translates deeper meaning than any other virtual tour solution. The barrier to voiceover in the past was the difficulty. REClarity has solved that. Once you have taken your photos, select a photo from your file to add an annotation. While you talk, you can zoom in and even add a pointer to the area of the picture that you are talking about. This is not only great to make a home tour, but also great to capture specific features of a home for your buyers.


The app supports all of the publishing needs of any real estate agent. You can save the video to your photos and replay it on any device. You can send the video via text or email if you need to message information. For advertising, you can upload the video to popular social media sites like YouTube or Facebook.

Best Practices

  1. Keep your video short. Anything over five minutes is too long. Two to three minute videos are ideal.
  2. Use this tool as a virtual tour for your listings.
  3. Upload this tour to the MLS
  4. Upload this tour for syndication to online portals
  5. Post your tour to both Facebook and YouTube (use the address in the YouTube title).
  6. If you have broker open houses or caravans in your market where agents go to see new listings, be sure to take photos and record your notes on the property to share with your buyers.

Here is a great video that shows you just how simple, yet powerful, the app is: