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RPR New User Series: Mapping Your Property’s Story

rpr map story 1It doesn't take long for a REALTOR® to access a map while researching properties on RPR. That's because maps serve such an important role in your quest to tell the property's complete story. From aerial, road, and overhead views, to schools, parcels, estimated values, heat maps, overlays and more, we'll show you how easy it is to draw or designate your map in ways that suit every type of interest or need. And since location is such a key factor in real estate, what better way is there to explore than on a dynamic map?

To begin map searching, first conduct a preliminary search for properties in any geographic area using the Search bar at Once complete, toggle the results page from List View to Map View in the white tabs above the results. To get to the map view from a property details page, select Bigger Map on the right side of the page.

In this view, which features a large map, define your own search areas by drawing on the map, or by displaying outlines of geographies such as neighborhoods, ZIPs, cities or counties on the map, and then searching one or more of those areas. Drawing on an RPR map is easy. Simply click on the Draw button to trace an outline of the area you'd like to select, draw a circle or polygon, or use your finger to draw a free-form shape. It's that simple. And for those times when you're not feeling like Picasso, rely on these tools to draw and search for you:

rpr map story 2