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3 Tips for Social Media Success for Real Estate Agents

November 16 2015

SocialMediaSuccess 01 19 blogIt's hard to figure out why there are still real estate agents who don't include social media objectives in their business plans. There are so many benefits for real estate agents who use social media (which is an article all in itself).

Some real estate agents make using social media look like solving a Rubik's cube. It doesn't have to be like that! There are hundreds and thousands of tips on how to use social media.

Nobody wants to read thousands of tips though, so here are the 3 tips that, if followed, will lead to your success in social media as a real estate agent.

Create Epic Real Estate Content

The first tip to social media success for real estate agents is to create epic real estate content. You're asking: what is epic real estate content? Epic real estate content is something written by a professional that even a 30 year real estate veteran would learn something from or find value in.

Creating epic real estate content is not something that can be pieced together in 15 minutes. The effort it takes to create epic real estate content can be seen from a mile away. Writing epic real estate content isn't only about the content either. Creating high quality graphics to complement the content is extremely important. This is especially true if you plan on being successful on Pinterest as a real estate agent.

Taking the time to write epic real estate content pays off big time. Creating sub-par content will lead to frustration and the belief that social media doesn't work for real estate agents, which is false.

Realize It's Not All About You

Probably the biggest "pet peeve" of other top influencers who know how to use social media is when a real estate agent constantly blasts social media with posts about themselves and their listings. Social media is about building relationships, sharing and creating epic content, and showing the general consumer that you have strong knowledge of the real estate industry.

Hate to say it, but your local buyers and sellers are not going to their Twitter feed to look for a real estate agent. Same can most likely be said about them looking for local real estate listings. It's possible though that they could be scrolling through their Facebook and click through to a great article you may have recently written debunking common real estate myths. The chances of them seeing value in a high-quality real estate article you wrote and calling you is much greater than them stumbling across that 3 bedroom ranch you just listed in xyz neighborhood and picking up their phone to call you.

Bottom line, don't consistently be blasting your social media channels with your newest listing or that you are currently looking for new listings. Everyone already knows that you want to sell your listings and get more. Avoid this and other social media no-no's for real estate agents at all costs.

Share and Recognize Other Epic Real Estate Content

This third and final tip is where many agents fall short in social media. Sharing only your epic real estate content does not work. It's great that you've created a quality real estate article, but it does no good if it's only able to be read by your limited group of followers. If it's shared, though, by other top real estate professionals, the potential reach is much greater.

For example, if you have 500 Twitter followers that you share your article with and it gets no retweets, the potential reach is about 500 followers. Now let's say you've built some nice relationships with some other top notch real estate professionals on Twitter, and you get a retweet from a professional who has over 20,000 followers. The potential reach has now just grown from 500 to 20,500. That's a huge difference!

A good rule of thumb is to share other epic real estate content 5-6 times for every piece of your own content.

Another excellent way to recognize other epic real estate content is by including links to other real estate bloggers' articles within your own content. This can lead to tremendous success for several reasons. First of all, the probability that your article gets shared by the professional whose article you linked increases exponentially. This can lead to more exposure for your piece of content. I recently published an article and included links to several top real estate bloggers. The article has been a huge success, is being shared all over social media, and is ranking very well in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page).

Secondly, the possibility that a link to one of your pieces of epic content gets included into one of their future articles also increases. This will lead to more traffic to your blog which should lead to more success in the SERPS.

If you're not utilizing social media in your business plan, you need to be. Follow the above tips, and you will see some nice results from social media.

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