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November Checklist: Four Tasks Every Real Estate Agent Should Complete

November 04 2015

hfinder november15AgentChecklistThe days are getting shorter, the weather is getting chillier, and suddenly you're craving a hot mug of your favorite beverage and a cozy seat by the fireplace. Welcome to November!

Since this month is dedicated to sharing the comforts of hearth and home with your loved ones, it's a fitting time to share those same comforts with your clients by developing your impact as a neighborhood expert.

Week of November 9: Choose your area, know your area

Some agents sell in sprawling communities, and other agents sell in very specific areas. If you've got listings in lots of places, it may be better to choose your most lucrative neighborhood to start with. Now, you're going to want to do your homework. Learn the neighborhood's housing market by heart, know the local schools, be familiar with the local watering holes and the hot new coffee shops. Be able to recite this information from memory.

Week of November 16: Build your neighborhood network

Now that you've picked your community, you need to create or reinforce your connections in that space. Do you have housing inspectors, plumbers, contractors, and other service professionals that you trust and refer regularly? Do you recommend favorite restaurants, activities, or classes in your neighborhood? If you do, consider reaching out to those professionals in-person or online. Let them know how much you respect their work, and make sure you ask your clients to tell them you made the recommendation when you send referrals their way.

Week of November 23: Get more social

Online, that is. Put your new neighborhood knowledge and expanded network to good use, and get busy on social media. Follow your local coffee shop and tweet at them when you order a delicious latte. Write a celebratory Facebook post when the high school team wins their big game of the year. By espousing your dedication and commitment to your community online, and intermingling those posts with those promoting your listings, you position yourself as an expert on the neighborhood—which is exactly what you want to be.

Week of November 30: Give thanks for your community

There's no real oomph behind your neighborhood expertise if you don't regularly participate in the activities and goings-on of the community. Get out and get involved by joining the Chamber of Commerce (this is also a great way to expand your network), running a 5k, volunteering for a charity, or planning a community event. Doing so will get you out of the house and meeting potential clients and connections, and the activities will give you plenty of interesting content to post online. Plus, it never hurts to hand out a few business cards.

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