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Conjure Up the Perfect Social Media Strategy, Part 2

October 29 2015

HDC Social Fuel Hero Image v2 3250Last month, we gave you four spectacular (and easy) ways to help energize and reinvigorate your social media strategyfour spectacular (and easy) ways to help energize and reinvigorate your social media strategy. By now, you should be a social posting pro with a brand presence that is unique to you and represents your business perfectly. But we know that you're craving more tricks and treats and social know-how, so we're here to deliver on part two of that promise! Get ready for some spooky fun on how to kick up your social strategy, just in time for Halloween! Read more if you dare...

Market Insights

Posting market insights all the time can get extremely boring, quickly. But, it should be an important piece of your social media strategy. Your audience and your potential buyers and sellers want and need to know how the current real estate market is performing. Whether they're looking to buy, sell, or see if their residence is haunted, posting content like this at least once a week is imperative.

If you need a fun way to motivate sellers, direct them to This new website will generate a ghostly tale for their home spooky enough to make their hair stand on end. Because who knows – drafty windows and creaky floorboards could be signs of something else. Something more paranormal, if you get my drift.

If you're not in the mood to spook your visitors, you could find an article on local market performance that is easy to digest for novices, or create your own status update based on your personal knowledge of the market. Plus, this valuable information makes you look like an ace – it positions you as the expert in your local market. People (especially millennials) want to work with someone in the know who is also going to best represent their personal interests. Be that person.

market insights

Employee Spotlights

This may not apply to you, but if you work on a team, or have a team under you, this is one of the easiest ways to continue to highlight your business successes! When one of your team members wins, everyone wins, and you want to share that on social media for your audience to see.

Also, giving a special shout-out to any administrative assistants who make your life a lot easier goes a long way with your online community. If you have an assistant or a dedicated closing specialist, create a status update with a picture of that person hard at work! Not only will the employee appreciate it, but your audience will see how many working pieces are coming together to create a smooth and flawless experience for each client.

employee spotlight

Business Partners

We all know you can't go it alone in this industry, and you depend on your business partners to help create memorable and smooth transactions for your clients. By showcasing different vendors that you work with on social media, your future clients know that they, too, will have access to these top professionals and services when working with you.

Who was there to deep clean the house and get it ready for showings after those "strange" disappearances? Who was the staging company that took The Amityville Horror house and turned it into just another charming home ready for a happy family? Consumers wants to know you will take care of them. Make sure your clients know they'll have the best of the best at their disposal while working with you.

You name it, you can display it: preferred moving companies, staging companies, mortgage lenders, cleaners, plumbers, the list is endless. In turn, your vendors will also recommend you to their clients. It's a win-win for everyone, and that's what we're really after.

industry partners

Real Estate Tips

This area is such a broad category, and it could encompass anything at all. I would recommend posting fun facts and odd trivia you've picked up about real estate over your career. Maybe share an odd law about mowing the lawn on Sunday mornings, or share what documents to bring with you when closing on your home. Posts can range from helpful moving tips to curb appeal that isn't all that appealing. You could even mention what the tell-tale warning signs of a haunted house are if you've seen some in your past. And of course, there is always the popular Poltergeist warning: refrain from purchasing a home that was built on once sacred land. You're the expert in this business, share the wealth of knowledge you've worked so hard to acquire!

pro tip

That's it for this month! Just enough fright and delight to help you take your social strategy into a more paranormal dimension! Let the examples help guide you and allow yourself to get creative with content that is unique to your audience.

Happy Halloween!

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