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Home Buyer Horror Stories: 3 Things NOT to Do as an Agent

October 28 2015

lonewolfBuying a home can be an emotional ordeal; your job as the agent is to help the client keep calm. With Halloween on the horizon, we spoke to home buyers and sellers whose horror stories haunt them to this day. We've taken the information they provided and created a two-part blog series revealing the DON'TS when dealing with home buyers and sellers.

We start with what not to do when working with home buyers:

1. DON'T spook the client.

You've given your client great advice and service. You've negotiated hard on the client's behalf. Now, it's time to close the deal. But your client is pushing back. He wants a better deal. He wants you to cut your commission. He wants a second inspection that you know won't add value. Now is NOT the time to match your client's frustration and emotion.

Instead, take the time for a face-to-face conversation to work through the challenges and frustrations. Use a calm voice and be careful not to sound condescending. One home buyer tells of an agent who argued so vehemently and aggressively with her husband that she had to leave the room in tears. She says she would never work with the agent again because of his lack of professionalism.

2. DON'T tell tales.

As an agent, you're privy to all kinds of inside information about past clients. Be careful how much you share. While the Privacy Act governs confidentiality and you'd never violate the law, there are many anecdotal – and seemingly harmless – tidbits you might be tempted to share.

One home buyer tells us of an agent who routinely drove new clients past a home the agent helped him purchase, sharing personal information about him and his family (where they work, how many kids they have). How did the home owner find out? A friend happened to be looking for a home and the agent drove the friend by the home, not knowing the two parties were friends. The agent's loose lips sunk two ships.

3. DON'T vanish like a ghost.

As an agent, communication is paramount. You've responded quickly to all emails and texts, sent information promptly to your client and resolved crises with ninja-like skill. But once the transaction is closed, follow-up communication is key to referrals. Home buyers compare notes, right down to whether they heard from their agent or received a housewarming gift.

One home buyer tells us the agent dropped off the face of the earth immediately after the papers were signed. No note or gift. No check-in. No personal connection. And when you find out that your neighbour received a gift card for Crate & Barrel or fresh flowers every month for a year from her agent, being ignored stings that much more.

After all, when it comes to future real estate sales opportunities, the last thing you want is for clients to close their doors and turn off the lights, leaving YOU alone in the dark.

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