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Agents, Fall Is the Perfect Time for Targeted Email Marketing

October 05 2015

TargetMrkt 09 28 744x300 in postWith the school year in full swing and summer a distant memory, the start of fall conjures up images of tawny leaves, pumpkins on doorsteps and "sold" signs dotting the neighborhood.


It's true: a recent studystudy found that average home prices are almost 3% lower in October, making fall the perfect season for buyers looking to make a deal. So why not make this autumn extraordinarily successful by deploying a targeted email marketing campaign to capitalize on this season of selling?

Know Your Market

Before you send out any emails, you must first take a moment to analyze the state of your farm and adjust your marketing accordingly. Understanding how the market influences the needs and concerns of your clients will help you better promote your properties. Knowledge of your area will allow you to modify your pitch more effectively and take a more personalized approach.

When assessing available properties and possible prospects, it's important to determine whether your buyers or sellers have the upper hand. For sellers sitting on unsold properties, a dip in price may not be enough to discourage a sale. Some clients may be willing to sell for less than their listing price if their property has been on the market for a while, or they are anxious to leverage their equity into another purchase. For buyers in areas where inventory is scarce and home values have remained on a relatively stable upswing, even a slight reduction in price might be enough to persuade them to make an offer.

Once you decide if it's a sellers market, a buyers market or something in betweena sellers market, a buyers market or something in between, you'll know who's got the advantage. Armed with this valuable knowledge, you'll be better able to promote your available listings to the right audience.

Use Emails to Target Hot Prospects

Once you've earmarked some potential listings and clients, the next step is deploying a targeted email marketing campaign. Using a drip marketing system, you can connect with clients and keep them updated on available opportunities. The ability to send out customized emails to specific prospects based on criteria they've earmarked will help you stand out in a sea of generic and generalized advertising.

As you already know, setting up a drip email campaign will keep you top of mind with prospective clients who have indicated some interest, but perhaps are not yet ready to take the next step. With a drip email campaign, your missives arrive branded with your name, company logo and a link back to your website, letting prospects know you're watching the market on their behalf. And because these email campaigns are automated and generated based on the information clients provide during their initial visit to your website, you can use this type of targeted marketing to follow up automatically on new leads.

Unleash the Power of Customized Emails

Customized emails make all the difference when it comes distinguishing yourself from your competitors. Part of any successful marketing strategy involves building and maintaining awareness of your brand and forging strong relationships with potential customers. Drip email campaigns are a powerful tool for keeping in touch with past, present and future clients.

Using drip email campaigns as part of a targeted marketing strategy will help you cultivate and nurture brand awareness. Maintaining regular contact with prospects will translate into stronger connections and more sales because when these potential customers are ready to take action, your previous outreach efforts will make you their first choice.

Seize Opportunity and Highlight Your Strengths

As your inventory shifts due to demand and availability, targeted email campaigns are a way to show your potential customers that you are on top of all the latest developments in your local real estate area. Seize the opportunities fall provides by focusing on potential price fluctuations and targeting buyers and sellers that are eager to make a deal.

Ready to make this your best autumn yet? Let us know how you plan to update your marketing strategies for the fall season.

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