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October Checklist: 4 Tasks Every Real Estate Agent Should Complete

October 02 2015

9 30OctoberAgentChecklistWelcome to the official beginning of fall, agents! The leaves are changing colors, the air is getting crisp, and the shelves of our favorite stores are filling up with a colorful mix of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas-related decor.

As the holiday season approaches, it's a great time of year to express gratitude to past clients and develop some new tricks and treats to offer leads.

Week of October 5: Re-evaluate your client management and lead collection methods

How do you keep track of your old clients, and how do you organize your leads? (Please don't say a Rolodex). If you have trouble sorting the best leads out of that giant pile of business cards, or you use multiple databases to track your current homebuyers and sellers, old clients, and potential clients, it may be a good time to streamline your process. Consider investing in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, which can help you keep track of clients' contact information, as well as important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays, and closing dates.

The first step to retaining clients is always being able to reach out to them when you need to. A good CRM will also help you group people by status, allowing you to keep your old, active, and prospective customers organized separately.

Week of October 12: Connect on social media

Following past clients on social media is a wonderful way to keep tabs on them, and you'll be aware of any major life events that occur. New babies or big promotions could mean another house hunt (and it wouldn't hurt to offer a comment, a Like, or a retweet, either).

If you're connected with past customers on social media, you can be the first agent to get in touch and rekindle the client relationship, and you'll also be able to form lasting friendships with them. This can mean repeat business and referrals, and it puts you in the position to be their go-to resource for all things home-related. Speaking of which...

Week of October 19: Get your neighborhood lists in order

Once your buyers have closed on their home, you don't want to disappear from their lives entirely. You just want to take on another role, such as "home and neighborhood expert."

Using your new CRM tool, start curating a list of trusted moving companies, contractors, and repairmen that you can recommend to past clients to help them get settled in their new home. If you know their area well, you can also suggest new restaurants they might like, shops they might want to visit, or parks that their kids will enjoy.

You can also set a reminder in your CRM calendar to send past clients copies of their paperwork and their HUD forms around tax time to make the filing process easier. They'll thank you, and you'll stay top of mind.

Week of October 26: Reach out for the holidays

Since your local retail stores are already thinking about the holidays, why not follow their lead? Try putting together a short mailing list of past clients you want to reach out to, and send them a friendly seasonal greeting via email or mail. Consider doing a round of Thanksgiving or Halloween cards, rather than regular Christmas/Hanukkah cards, since those might get lost in the big card boom that occurs during all that Yuletide cheer.

These little greetings can be especially meaningful if you take the time to personalize them. You should easily be able to add a special note referencing big life events your clients are experiencing, since you've already connected with them on social media. And putting the list together should be a breeze, thanks to your newly updated CRM methods.

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