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The Ultimate Guide on Posting to Social Media, Part 1

September 26 2015

HDC Social Fuel Newsletter 3233 v2 1Whether you're completely green to social media, or just not sure what to post today, we have you covered with 8 different content categories sure to energize your social media business pages, and keep your community buzzing long after you hit "Publish." Ready or not, let's dive in!

Listings/Open Houses

As a real estate professional, promoting your listings and open houses should be at the forefront of your social media strategy. By posting your listing or open house on social media, you can bring a lot of attention to your business in a short amount of time (and with very little effort). Don't be afraid to post up to 3 times per week about your new listing/open house either! Mentioning different amenities of the property can entice and appeal to various members of your community that would be interested in your property.

What does this look like? Your newest listing is 123 Main Street. On Monday, you chose to showcase photos of the newly remodeled master bath. On Wednesday, you could highlight the spacious and finished basement, and Friday you finish it off with a view of the sleek and modern dine-in kitchen with breakfast nook.

You don't have to show every single picture from the listing—be selective to entice the future buyer and to drum up more interest. Now we all know that every listing won't have these exact features, but you're a real estate pro and you know how to make each property look its best!


Business Successes

By now, your social media community has seen some of the most stunning features of your newest listing. After the hot property sells, make an announcement! By highlighting your business successes, you're showing your social media community exactly what you're capable of and your strong suits!

Post pictures of the happy homeowners in front of their new home holding the "sold" sign or holding their keys–anything is possible!

Imagine this, your property went on the market on Monday, and it was under contract by Friday. Wouldn't you want to shout it from the roof of that house for all to hear? By sharing these wins on Facebook, you make yourself shine brighter to both your audience members and your competition.

bsiness successes

Local Events

Your social media pages shouldn't be all business, all the time. Having fun and BEING YOURSELF on social media is what it is really all about. One of the easiest ways to break up the monotony of all real estate, all the time is to post about local events and happenings.

When you assert yourself as the local expert, your community will take note and think of you as a trusted resource for your area. The things that you find interesting? Post about them! The local newspaper can be your source of inspiration. Find what's happening during the weekend and post about it! From festivals, sports or parades, the choices are limitless.

local events

Even sharing local images of your hometown is a great way to connect with your community. There's a reason why each and every resident chooses to call somewhere "home." Show them why it's such a spectacular place to live!

local events 2

Volunteer Events

By now, we have you posting listings, flaunting business successes, and commenting on local events. But what about a give-back campaign? Your audience wants to know that they're doing business with someone that genuinely cares about the community. If your office participates in a "Day of Caring" type of event, organizes a team to run a race for a common disease, or gathers toys and clothes during holiday seasons for those less fortunate—share those moments!

Use your social media platform as a way to boost more awareness of your cause. You can bolster more donations to fight the good fight, collect the items you need for a food or clothing drive, or gain more participants for your worthy cause. Posting updates a few times a week that report the progress of your campaigns keeps your audience engaged and creates a community feeling of well-being.


That's it! We know we promised you 8 different types of content, but we need to keep you coming back for Part 1! Utilize this guide, and let the examples inspire you to create content unique for you and your audience.

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