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Realtor Safety: Evaluating a Property and Neighborhood

This month, we're publishing content from a course on Realtor Safety. This is the seventh in a series of articles that teaches Realtors how to prevent being a victim of crime. Read the previous article here.

home search many 3Learning as much as possible about a property and neighborhood is an important part of the sales process. However, it is also an important step in assessing the risk of an appointment as well as deterring a possible predator.

The Neighborhood

If the property you are showing is your listing, spending a little time introducing yourself to the neighbors and checking out the neighborhood is an excellent strategy for getting additional business. It is also an extremely valuable safety strategy.

While introducing yourself to neighbors, take the time to find out the following information:

  • Is there a neighborhood watch? How active is it?
  • Are there any law enforcement officers living on the block?
  • Is it an active neighborhood? Do the neighbors know and socialize with one another?

This all important information that you can use in an initial conversation with a prospect to not only impress a legitimate prospect, but also deter a possible predator or opportunistic thief.

Additionally, look for any abandoned houses in the immediate area. Even if the house you are showing is not abandoned, neighborhoods with abandoned houses may be more attractive to someone intending to commit a crime.