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Should REALTORS® Upgrade to Windows 10?

September 16 2015

lwolf windows10 1Have you been wondering if you should upgrade to Windows 10?

I've spent the last 30 days or so using Windows 10. Microsoft has touted the benefits of upgrading and published many articles about the enhancements and usability of their latest generation operating system. I'll be the first person to tell you that when Windows 8 was released, the change was significant. It was so different from Windows 7 that even some tech savvy folks took some time to get their head around how it functioned. The interface was totally different—and don't get me started on the metro view and charms bar. Well, with Windows 10, I would say they got it right.

Below is a summary of my experience with Windows 10 over the last month.

Although different than Windows 7, the interface is clean and easy to understand. The start button has returned (albeit, it was available in Windows 8.1). In addition to the expected applications on the menu, there are also some dynamic applications and feeds to the right. Items can easily be pinned to the menu.

I'm using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 notebook/tablet. Jumping between tablet mode and desktop mode is very simple. I can quickly enable the onscreen keyboard and the system is intuitive enough to know that I've switched between the two options.

The search capabilities have greatly improved. You're given a search option on the task bar that allows you to search your local machine and the web simultaneously. At first I didn't think this would be a functionality I would want, much less use. However, in the last month, I have definitely grown to like it.

Windows 10 has also improved the performance of my machine. It takes less time to boot up and become functional.

They have also ported the Cortana assistant (Microsoft's version of Apple's Siri) from the Windows Phone to Windows 10. I have not set it up or used it yet, but there are many reviews available online about it.

The new Microsoft Edge browser seems to function well. I was never a huge fan of Internet Explorer and chose to use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. However, this new browser is responsive and quick. It also provides you the option to markup/highlight any web page and share it via email.

It is sufficient to say that I am an optimistic and cautious proponent of Windows 10, as it has only been a month. If you've been holding out on clicking the "Free Upgrade" option on your Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC, don't! I do not think you'll be disappointed. But as with every critical system update, make sure to have a current backup of your data.

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