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How to Back Up Your Text Messages, Email, Calendars, and More

mobile uberificationWorried that a lost or broken phone means losing all of your text messages and all of the important conversations you've had with clients? You're not alone. An RE Technology reader recently wrote to us in search of an easy way to archive her text messages and prevent disaster from happening.

Rather than rattle off the few methods that we're aware of, we turned to Tech Helpline for some expert advice. Since they're a REALTOR®-owned company that offers tech support to hundreds of agents and brokers every day, they're uniquely suited to knowing just what real estate professionals need (read: easy and painless solutions).

We spoke with Richard Gordon, Technical Analyst Lead at Tech Helpline. Not only did he walk us through archiving text messages, he showed us how to save contacts, emails, and calendar events from all of your devices! Fortunately, for iPhone users, it's as simple as syncing your phone to iCloud. For Android users, syncing your contacts and emails is a snap, but your calendar and text messages will require third-party apps.

Back Up 101 for iPhone Users

"Syncing your devices through your iCloud account is as simple as following a few steps," says Gordon. The first step is the simplest: make sure you are signed into the same iCloud account on each device.

If you use a Mac computer, go to System Preferences from the black Apple menu in the top left corner. Then, select the iCloud option and make sure you are signed into the correct account. Next, check the boxes next to anything you want backed-up by synching to iCloud.