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Six Tips for Better Real Estate Photos

p2 6 tips BetterRealEstatePhotosWhen today's home buyers are ready to go from online shopping to in-person viewing, we all know that listing photos can be the deciding factor.

Recent research revealedRecent research revealed that a listing with between 10 and 15 photos has the best chance of generating leads. But they can't be just any photos of course. To have the strongest impact, your listing photos have to be good.

Whether you're hiring a professional or taking your shots yourself, here are 6 tips that will help you create better real estate photos for your listings:

1. Plan Your Shots

Before the camera starts clicking away, create a shot list to organize your shoot, gain efficiency and make sure you don't miss important photos. No one likes scheduling a reshoot because they forgot to take a picture of the laundry room!

Start your list by writing down every room of the house, as well as including exterior shots of the front and back of the property. Then round out your list by including features you plan on emphasizing in the listing description. Be sure to print your list and bring it with you the day of (or give it to your photographer), so you can check things off as you go.