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Step-by-Step Guide to Targeting Your Facebook Ads

August 21 2015

webbox fb ad targeting 1Facebook Ads are effective in large part because you can target your ad audience. Unless your prospects live on the moon, you'll find that it is easy to narrow down the number of people seeing your ads to only those most likely to become leads and then commissions.

When you set up a new ad, one of the first steps is to define and target your audience. If you want to know the entire process for creating an ad, please refer to our blog post on How To Set Up Your First Facebook Ad. In this post, I'm going to show you a whole lot of targeting options. Some will apply to your ad depending on your target audience, and many will not. You know your market and your prospects, so it will be no problem for you to choose your targeting options and set limits. Let's get started.


webbox fb ad targeting 2

You can enter a city or town, or zip codes. For our example, I've entered Longmont, CO, with a 25 mile radius. You can adjust that for larger areas, but it was enough for this town. You see the radius circle on a map, and on the right you see that we've already narrowed the number of potential people we'll reach to 590,000.

Gender, Age and Language

webbox fb ad targeting 3

The next targeting options are age, gender and language. The default low age is 18. You know your market and prospects, so set the age where you want it. I leave gender as All in most cases, and entered English (US) for the language.

Home Ownership

webbox fb ad targeting 4

Next, I went to the More Options area and selected home ownership. This is a valuable option for some target audiences. If I want listing leads, I would obviously choose Homeowners. If I wanted buyers, I would make different choices here.

Home Value

webbox fb ad targeting 5

If I'm wanting homeowners, I can also decide in what price range for home value. Sometimes this isn't necessary if you're tightly targeting location, but it's a nice option to narrow the focus.


webbox fb ad targeting 6

Education isn't usually important in real estate ad targeting, but you do have choices.


webbox fb ad targeting 7

You can see how targeting Baby Boomers could be a good tactic to reach homeowners. For first time buyers, you can move to the younger side.


webbox fb ad targeting 8

Where they work could be important, especially if you're targeting an area where the usual buyer or seller is employed by a specific company. You also may want to market a special deal to employees of a company.


webbox fb ad targeting 9

I can use income to reach higher income people. This is one you may want to use if you're targeting buyer prospects. After all, you do the same work for a low priced home as you do for one at the other end of the price window.


webbox fb ad targeting 10

There are a number of categories in the Interests section, and you can go through them to find interests that may apply to your target audience. Another way is to type in a word or words and see if they're already in there, as that means people have entered them.

webbox fb ad targeting 11

Under Interests, I started typing in Zillow and it popped up as a choice. Since sellers are checking for sale homes and Zestimates in their area, this could pull some great potential prospects.


webbox fb ad targeting 12

There are even more options under Behaviors. You can search through the many choices, some of which have to do with their residence. Notice the "Likely to Move" option. It could be a good one for finding buyers who are renting or homeowners who may be selling.


webbox fb ad targeting 13

If you want to appeal to people who already know you, liked your page, or they are friends of people who have liked your page, this is the way to zero in on them.

Save an Audience

webbox fb ad targeting 14

You'll want to save successful audiences so you can work them again.

The point is that you have some amazing control over who is going to see your ads. HAPPY TARGETING!

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