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The 3 Secrets of Top Performing Realtors

August 14 2015

contactually topperformingrealtors 1Have you encountered someone in your industry and been amazed at how good they are at their jobs? They always know the right people, they get the best referrals, and are mentioned in many industry news pieces.

In this case, there are over 2 million active real estate licenses and over 86,000 real estate brokerage firms operating in the United States. There are ones who are truly successful, so how do they become the top performers in space? What do they do? What are their secrets?

Take a look below where we've uncovered some of the secrets of top performing Realtors.

Here are the 3 Secrets of Top Performing Realtors:

1. Timely

Someone from our sales team mentioned how a user they recently spoke to wanted to set up a program to use in order to follow-up with a recent homebuyer after seven years. Although that seems like an extremely long time away, the reason behind the seven year program is a great one.

Typically, homeowners will revisit buying a new home after seven years in their current one, which is why this Realtor wanted to schedule a program to send a "Happy 7 Year Anniversary" email to re-engage with their previous buyer.

The other aspect that goes with timeliness is relevance. Tony mentioned in a webinar a few months ago that a previous Realtor he worked with would send him occasional follow-ups, but they weren't relevant to him. Of course after working and meeting with top performing agents, he balked at the generic, unauthentic messages that he was being sent. Tony exclaimed that if this message was a little more personally targeted to something he was interested in, he would have responded. This could have lead to the Realtor getting a referral or potentially repeat business.

These top performing agents understand the power of staying in touch with timely and relevant pieces of communication. It can get easy to fall into the habit of not following up or engaging with your network, especially if the transaction has already taken place. However, keeping tabs on what's happening, sending valuable messages, and understanding your buyer/seller audience, can ensure that your performance as an agent excels.

2. Automated

With the amount of to-do lists I have, calendars, and emails, I'm surprised that some of my systems haven't burst into flames. I use to rely on my memory more than anything, but with the sheer volume of tasks that I have, I quickly found that my memory couldn't handle the activity.

Although I'm not an agent, I can't imagine putting my "organizational" system into place if I were. Building rapport and cultivating relationships with buyers, sellers, and other agents is no easy task. And as a Realtor's network grows, keeping all of these tasks, follow-up reminders, nurture campaigns, and everything else together can be quite a daunting task — especially if you are doing it manually.

In our previous quality, we talked about the importance of being timely in real estate, so how do top performing realtors juggle that with their large networks?

They automate it.

contactually topperformingrealtors 2

No, a robot isn't meticulously crafting their messages or answering their calls. Top performing agents understand that there are only 24 hours in a day and that they can only remember to send so many pieces of communication in one day.

For example, remembering to follow-up after seven years can be difficult. Even remembering to follow-up the week after you said you would is probably just as hard, which is why eliciting for some assistance can go a long way. This is a where a software or system that can be automated will help in remembering to stay top of mind.

Setting up nurture programs to go out at specific times, segmenting contacts, knowing when to follow-up, etc. can all be done in a system that automates these tasks for you with several clicks.

3. Presence

Did you know only 70% of agents have a website? Or that just 56% of Realtors use social media? Or even that 92% of homebuyers use the internet in some way in their home search?

People are now able to access the internet, social media and, really, any piece of information at their fingertips. So where do you think the top performers in real estate fall into those stats? They understand this new age and that they need to present in the spaces where potential buyers and sellers are interacting the most.

Starting a blog, a Twitter account sharing industry news, opening an Instagram account sharing images of listings, or even publishing a guest piece on an industry news site, can all boost your presence immensely. Rather than some emails for a buyer or seller to connect with, they have another outlet to find you and interact with.

It doesn't happen overnight.

Unfortunately, becoming a top performing agent doesn't happen overnight. However, adding in these qualities can accumulate more success over time that will mark you as a top performing Realtor.

Adding factors of timeliness, automating tasks so nothing gets lost, and having an online presence aren't top secret things, but they are opportunities for you to fully take advantage of. Are there other inside secrets that you would say are important in real estate? What are they? Let us know in the comments below!

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