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August Checklist: Four Tasks Every Real Estate Agent Should Complete

August 06 2015

hfinder AugustAgentChecklistAs a Realtor, it may feel impossible to separate yourself entirely from your work. Your hours are irregular, your weekends are crammed with showings and open houses, and clients can call at all hours with requests. However, no one wants to work with an agent that seems exhausted or burnt out.

This month, we're sharing tips on how to take a break from your business, so you can come back feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Week of August 3: Start by taking smaller breaks

Taking vacation time falls under the umbrella of self ccare. Essentially, it is important for your mental and physical health to take a break from working and actually live a little. In order to get into a true vacation mindset, start out by taking mini breaks during your day.

Actually take a lunch break for once, instead of speed-eating a meal between showings, or go for a quick walk outside when you're having trouble concentrating on work things. Spend 30 minutes at the gym during the day, or spend a work-free evening with your family. Separate yourself from your work phone, email, and social media during this time. Focus on taking these brief periods to do something that relaxes and inspires you. You'll come back to work refreshed and motivated.

Week of August 10: Apply the buddy system

Do you have a vacation buddy at work? If not, it's time to find one. Designate a fellow Realtor colleague that you can rely on to cover for you while you're on vacation, and offer to do the same for them.

Be sure to agree upon the details upfront, including any referral fees, activity rates, percentage of compensation, or just simply barter time for time. Be certain you have all their contact info on hand, so you can give it out to clients and co-workers if you go away for a weekend or longer.

Week of August 17: Compose your Out of Office message now

Sometimes just the idea of a vacation can motivate you. Even if you don't have any immediate plans, start working on your Out of Office autoresponder message. When you do finally sneak away for some R and R, you'll be covered with the push of a button. Include how long you'll be gone, what day you'll return to the office, and who to contact (your new vacation buddy) in your absence.

Week of August 24: Plan that vacation you've been dreaming about

Take the first steps toward planning an actual vacation. Maybe this means blocking off time on your calendar, or simply booking a bed and breakfast for the weekend. You could even take time off in the form of a Staycation and relax in the comfort of your own home. Now that you have your OOO message ready, and your vacation buddy booked for the time, you're ready to go.

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