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6 New Headshot No-No’s for Agents

July 27 2015

p2 HeadNoNo 1If you've read our DO's & DON'Ts of Real Estate Headshots, you know that your agent photo is a critical component of your marketing. In this very personal business, your face is your brand more often than not.

But no matter how confident you are in real life, stepping in front of the camera can be unnerving and even intimidating. To help you keep your cool—and avoid looking like one of these agents—we've put together this list of headshot no-no's that you can refer to on picture day.

What NOT to Do in Your Agent Headshot

DON'T take a selfie

Some things you can DIY. This is not one of them. For the best results, you should hire a professional photographer. The advice and trained eye of a pro during the shoot is invaluable.

DON'T distract from your face

The focus should be on you, so clients and prospects can instantly recognize you. That means no loud patterns, no crazy background, no props, no pets and no other people. The exception might be including your partner if you are part of a real estate team, but you should still have a solo photo taken too.

DON'T pose stiffly

Use open and relaxed body language to make your headshot more appealing. Stiffly crossed arms or an unnatural position will look uncomfortable. If you look uncomfortable at first glance, viewers may think working with you will be uncomfortable and call the next agent.

DON'T forget to smile

A serious scowl might be appropriate for some professions, but it's certainly not right for real estate. So much in this business hinges on personality and service. Smile in a friendly and welcoming way.

DON'T add special effects in post

There's software for everything these days. You can add horses to your photos, blur out your freckles and place yourself in front of Niagara falls if you want to. But that doesn't mean you should. Keep it simple and avoid over editing. Again, this is where a pro comes in handy.

DON'T neglect to update your photo

If your photo looks like it could be a throwback Thursday post, it's time to throw it out! We recommend updating your headshot every five years or so (or after every massive change in hairstyle).

p2 HeadNoNo 2

That's great! But once you have your headshot, then what?

As we mentioned earlier, your headshot is a crucial part of your marketing. Here are some places you should be sure to use it:

Where else do you use your agent headshot for advertising? What is one of your biggest DON'Ts?

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