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Your Home Needs a Director of First Impressions

July 02 2015

director of first impressions 300x273Real estate agents perform many tasks for home sellers. Creating positive first impressions of their home may be at the top of the list.

There is an absolute and profound truth about first impressions. You only get one. This fact increases the need for today's Realtor® to be proficient at creating positive first impressions. Since no two homes, or client situations, are exactly alike, there is likely no clear cut way to assure positive first impressions.

Many times home sellers ask me how to find and select a Realtor®Realtor® to sell their home. Maybe they need a director. So what are the traits of a good director? Here are some ideas of what to consider...

  • Creativity - This is what separates competence from excellence. They must be very creative and able to generate ideas for remarks, as well as collect correct data, photography, and other elements involved in a home sale production.
  • Knowledge - As I always say "Knowledge is Power!" Keeping up with industry changes while staying on top of present day circumstances.
  • Communication - The ability to listen and articulate clearly what the goals are and be able to work with the home sellers to accomplish that goal.
  • Decisiveness - Great directors must be able to make firm decisions and stick to them to help ensure results and stay on track.
  • Drive - A great director has a tremendous sense of drive and ambition. He or she is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • Technologically Savvy - A great director is familiar with many, if not all, of the technological elements involved in the home marketing and selling process. Being tech savvy is helpful when considering options in the online marketing world.
  • Problem Solving - Great directors, are quick to address problems that may arise before during and after the home sale production. They can identify problems and figure out the best way to fix them.
  • Vision - The best directors have a terrific vision and can see the sale from its conception through to its final product. They never lose sight of the ultimate goal.
  • Authority - A strong sense of authority is another trait of a skilled director. They sometimes handle leading a team to create outstanding results and must command the team to ensure they are working at their best.
  • Experience - It is necessary to understand what the audience is looking for. Great directors know their market.

In my 22 years of real estate experience, I have learned to follow some simple rules relating to first impressions marketing. Firstly, there is nothing that can take the place of great home photos. Never put a home in the MLS or a website without home photos. This is a day one issue. Second, if a home buyer likes the home photographs, they may stay to read the home remarks. Creative writing skills are a must. Creating searchable content is important. It makes the home easier to find online. It also adds a sense of personality and warmth. Thirdly, collect accurate data so the prospective buyer is not looking for your home in vain. They think the home is 3,000 square feet when in reality it is only 2,400. Fourth, the technology piece. You need to know where to market the home and how, or no one will come to opening night. Lastly, it is important to price the home well. We are in the midst of a very economically sensitive home market in the Berks County area. The ticket price must be right, or no one will show up.

You are ready to present your home to the world. Opening night is coming, and first impressions mean everything. It is important that your home marketing production be a hit. Find a great director and your home will be the talk of the town!

Knowledge is power!

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