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Top 10 Articles from June

July 01 2015

make a wish 200pxSummer's officially here, and we've got a list of recommended reading to ease you into a long, holiday weekend. Our list of the 10 most read articles from June runs the gamut from digital etiquette tips to how an iPad can make your open house better. Looking for a little pick-me-up? Check out article #10 where a Millennial explains why real estate agents will always be welcome and necessary in a transaction--whether they're tech savvy or not.

Read on to see what other topics piqued the interest of your peers in June.

1. 11 Digital DON'Ts for Tech Savvy Agents
Digital etiquette: what is it and what does it mean for real estate professionals? With an ever-expanding world of tech tools and toys, it can feel impossible to keep up – with both trends and client expectations. We're all just doing our best! In an effort to make navigating today's digital marketplace a little easier, we've put together this list of 11 DON'Ts for tech savvy agents that will help you avoid common faux pas and impress both clients and colleagues.

2. June Checklist: 4 Tasks Every Real Estate Agent Should Complete
Successful agents know that every client is not right for them, and that attracting the right clients in the first place will help them win more business. Follow our June checklist to refine your marketing message and start finding better clients in just four weeks.

3. What I Wish I'd Been Told as a New Agent
Real estate is an exciting, rewarding career, but it's not for the faint of heart! Do you ever think back on why you got into the business in the first place? What drew you to becoming a REALTOR® and what do you wish you knew when you first embarked on the career? Here are a few things you may wish you knew when you were getting started as a real estate agent.

4. Don't Knock It Till You Try It: Door Knocking Tips for Agents
In 1990, in a tanking real estate market, agent Tom Mitchell had two choices: quit or become proactive in generating leads. He chose the latter, and began knocking on up to 250 doors a day. It kept him alive until the market heated up again. Then came the crash of 2007. Mitchell took up door knocking again – and again, it worked. If you're not familiar with door-knocking, you may need to train yourself on best practices. Here are some tips and ideas to get you started.

5. 4 Highly Demanded Real Estate Videos to Boost Your Business
The demand for real estate video content has never been higher. Now that creating awesome video content is becoming easier and more affordable, why not take advantage of this proven way to generate more business? But before you start mapping out your video strategy, it's important to understand the types of video that are most valuable to your audience. Here are the four highest demanded types of real estate videos.

6. 4 Easy Steps to Convert Online Leads
As the real estate world changes and more and more potential buyers and sellers are spending their time online, the need for the practitioner to know how to convert leads is more important than ever. We are still a people business that thrives on relationships — and that will never change. In fact, according to a NAR report, 68 percent of people work with the first pro they have an actual conversation with in person. So how do we get consumers to reply to us so we can create a conversation? Here are four easy steps to do that.

7. Friday Freebie: A Tool to Help Keep Tabs on Your Entire Sphere
If you're struggling to remember the names and personal details of all your contacts, don't feel bad--get help! A real estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps you keep track of each of your contacts with detailed information. Fortunately, there are multiple options for CRMs available to agents. Today we're going to introduce you to one.

8. Hosting an Open House? Don't Forget Your iPad
Refreshments, flyers, business cards--the list of open house necessities goes on. Does your list include an iPad or other tablet? If not, consider it incomplete. Tablets are the Swiss-army knife of digital tools, and they can help agents wow potential buyers and capture more leads. Here's how.

9. 6 Cool New Enhancements to RPR Mobile™
Our job at RPR is to help REALTORS® succeed and we take that job pretty seriously. That's why we have the country's best and brightest developers continually pumping out added features and upgrades to RPR Mobile™. In fact, every month, RPR® analyzes user feedback, design trends and recent technologies to refine, enhance, and improve our services. Here's a look at our favorite new features.

10. Why Today's Agent Is MORE Important Than Ever – A Millennial's Perspective
With so much technology out there, I often hear from real estate professionals that companies are trying to make them obsolete. Those who have been doing this long enough know how ridiculous this is, but it's a very real fear for agents. I am here to tell you just how important you are – and why embracing technology is essential.