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Your Recipe for EXPLOSIVE Twitter Growth: Get Friendly, Get Involved, Get Exposure!

June 30 2015

Twitter1Hey Real Estate Marketing Expert, I hear that you've incorporated content marketingcontent marketing into your real estate business. Your blog posts are being read and shared, and your social channels are brimming with eager new followers. You feel on top of the world. And what's best? You only follow 1/10th of the people who follow you on TwitterTwitter... how cool is that!?

Wait a second, what was that last part? Sorry Real Estate Marketing Expert, I hate to break it to you but you've got it backwards. Twitter isn't a popularity contest – it's not about ratio, exclusivity, or scarcity. If those are your goals, you might as well delete Twitter, then NOBODY could follow you! How cool would that be?

I repeat, Twitter isn't a popularity contest. Twitter is about getting friendly, getting involved, and getting exposure. You want exposure, I want exposure, agents X, Y and Z all want exposure – and the beauty of Twitter is that we can all get what we want simply by working together.

The best part of this is that the recipe is SO SIMPLE. Seriously, it's the marketing recipe equivalent of scrambled eggs. Actually scratch that, it's the marketing recipe equivalent of TOAST! Can you make toast? Great! You can build a following on Twitter.

The ultra-simple recipe for explosive Twitter growth is as follows:

Find relevant users and interact with them.

That's it! If you have terrible content that won't benefit anybody's audience you probably won't get much interaction, but that's an issue for another day. Today I'm going to assume that your content is great.

Here is the recipe in action:

Step 1. Find Relevant Users

If you post about real estate, you won't gain much growth by interacting with users who tweet about video games, etc. You will want to find users who Tweet about real estate and about your target market. For example, if your market's municipality has a Twitter account – which most do – a retweet from them has the potential to convert into valuable leads.

Find relevant users method #1: Twitter search

Log onto Twitter and use the top-right search bar to search for hashtags that are relevant to your content. For example, when I search for #realestate #marketing I immediately find three great users to interact with. I know from experience that ROC Real Estate Blog, Jennifer Snyder, and Realty Point are all friendly social media users who write and share first-class blog content. For instance: I've never interacted with before, but because Jennifer favorited their Tweet, I end up following them and their content looks pretty great.



Find relevant users method #2: Google Search

Many Twitter super-users are also bloggers, so I search "Best Real Estate Blogs 2015" on Google and find this awesome post: 65 Best Real Estate Blogs of 201565 Best Real Estate Blogs of 2015 compiled by blogging expert Robbie Richards for Jacob GrantJacob Grant. FYI if you are looking to grow your blog and social engagement, follow Robbie right won't regret it!


This article alone gives me access to 65 potential Twitter connections who are totally relevant to my market! Even if a Twitter relationship isn't created, you've still found great content to share with your audience.


Find relevant users method #3: BuzzSumo search

A tool that I learned of on Robbie Richards' blog, BuzzSumoBuzzSumo, is a lesser-known  outreach that is a very powerful method of finding relevant Twitter connections. Here's how it's done:

First, I search for my keyword "real estate technology" in the search bar, and a list is generated of articles that match my keyword and also received many social shares.


I select the article that interests me and click "View Sharers", where I find social media super-user Bill Gassett and choose to follow him.


Step 2: Interact With Them

I interact with Bill by sharing some of his posts and, being the nice guy that he is, he shares one of my articles in return: Best Real Estate Articles of the Month: MayBest Real Estate Articles of the Month: May.

FYI Bill could have written this Twitter article himself and done a much better job than I! He REALLY knows what he's doing...follow Him if you aren't already.


And that's how connection building is done! Once you've found the users who you want to interact with, retweet and share their posts that are relevant to your audience or mention them in a comment – whatever it takes to let them know that you appreciate the content they are sharing.

Every new user who you discover and interact with is a chance for mutual benefit. You show appreciation for the work of others and share their work, and they do the same in return. Hence the title of this article, get FRIENDLY!

If you make an effort to interact with somebody and they don't pay any attention to you, feel free to politely unfollow them after a certain amount of time in order to make room for more engaged connections (you should aim for a following:follower ratio of 1:1, or 1/2:1 at the least), but don't ever feel offended.

Learn from the pros:

twitter10This article is only the beginning to your new-found Twitter glory. The best way to learn how to grow your Twitter following and get valuable engagement is to study users who are doing exactly those things!

One user who I can guarantee is worth following is Richard Silver. Richard is a long time super-user who, like Bill, could have written this article better himself.

In fact, he sort of already did. I STRONGLY recommend that you read his recent post How Twitter Helped Me Improve My BusinessHow Twitter Helped Me Improve My Business.

Another MUST READ resource is this insanely awesome infographic by Adam Connellinfographic by Adam Connell of Blogging Wizard. Adam's writing is so insanely clear and his strategies are so effective, I can't imagine running a blog without spending at least a half hour each week (at minimum) reading what he has to say.

Some users to follow:

See: 22 Real Estate Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to follow Lone Wolf on Twitter

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