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How To Optimize Your Website for Google

webbox optimize site googleSearch Engine Optimization can be as difficult, time consuming, and expensive as you allow it to be. However, unless you've changed careers suddenly, you're not an SEO "guru" or consultant. You're a real estate professional who wants the most from your website, but without it sucking up most of your time and a lot of your money.

If you just take on reading as much as you can on the Web about SEO, you might as well quit practicing real estate, as there are tens of millions of articles about SEO in general, and millions specifically about SEO for real estate websites. Today, we'll explore proven techniques that bring websites to the top of the search engine results pages (called SERPs).

We start by recognizing that SEO is very much about "relevance." Is the content on the site relevant to the overall subject or goal of the site? Residential is the niche served by most agents, but you'll not get the most out of SEO with a pre-made residential site template or content if your market niche is commercial or property management. 

META is still important

Meta tags haven't changed much for years, but how the search engines use them has. For example, the Keywords Tag is still used by the engines for clarification as to the subject matter of the page. However, they aren't used much anymore for ranking the page according to Google. You still want them, but you don't want to "stuff" your article or your meta keywords with too many and not directly related keywords.