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11 Digital DON’Ts for Tech Savvy Agents

June 16 2015

p2 11 digital dontsDigital etiquette: what is it and what does it mean for real estate professionals?

With an ever-expanding world of tech tools and toys, it can feel impossible to keep up – with both trends and client expectations. We're all just doing our best!

In an effort to make navigating today's digital marketplace a little easier, we've put together this list of 11 DON'Ts for tech savvy agents that will help you avoid common faux pas and impress both clients and colleagues.

Let's start the count down!

11. DON'T ask someone to fax youfax you.

For today's younger buyers and sellers, this is about the same as requesting confirmation via telegraph. Tell them what you need and suggest multiple ways of getting it to you, not just one ancient one.

10. DON'T have a ridiculous ringtone.

Just because you CAN make your own ringtone (you're handy like that), doesn't mean that you SHOULD. Skip your favourite pop song or a recording of your child's angelic voice and choose something classic instead.

9. DON'T forget how to put your phone on silent.

There are times that your clients or strategic partners deserve your full attention. Set your phone on silent and put it in your pocket so you can check it discreetly when alerts inevitably roll in.

8. DON'T text a ton of photos without asking.

Data usage can be a sensitive subject and not everyone has unlimited texting as part of their phone plan. Clear it with the person you are communicating with before you text dozens of listing photos.

7. DON'T use hashtags at random.

Hashtags can help you join a conversation. They can also be annoying if used in bulk or incorrectly. And there's this to think about, as noted by social media pro Bill Gassett in a recent article about social media fails in real estate: "If you just choose whatever [hashtag] sounds good, you may end up accidentally aligning yourself with something that can hurt your reputation." Ouch!

6. DON'T underestimate Pinterest.

If you have a blog for your business, and your blog posts include images, you should be using Pinterest. Pinterest is our #1 referrer to the Point2 Agent blog, with thousands of visitors coming here from Pinterest each month. That's a lot of free traffic!

5. DON'T be a social media spammer.

Not every listing needs to appear on Facebook. And not everything you post on Twitter needs to appear on Facebook and LinkedIn in exactly the same way at exactly the same time. Post to each channel at times and in a style that speaks to your audience there. And don't forget to interact with other people's posts too!

4. DON'T connect Instagram to Twitter.

When you link your Instagram account to Twitter and have it share your posts, they show up as links (not pictures) on Twitter. This decreases engagement and is so not pro! Instead, either take the extra time to post your picture on Twitter after you Instagram it or use IFTTT to automate the process for you – here's howhere's how.

3. DON'T go overkill on the emojis.

We love emojis as much as the next tech company (in fact, we even taught you how to make your own once), but we have to admit, they can make you look a little unprofessional. Exhibit A: this text one of our coworkers just received from a friend: "My agent really loves emojis – it's like a 14 year old – it's pretty hilarious." Unless your goal is to come across as laughable, limit your emoji usage.

2. DON'T bring all your devices to every meeting.

Humans still come first, especially if they are helping you earn a living and grow your business. There's no need to bring your smartphone, tablet and laptop to a rendezvous. Well, you can bring them, but there's no need to get them all out at once. It's distracting.

1. DON'T have a website that doesn't work on mobile.

If you can't pull up your website to share listings and resources on the go, you're going to lose potential business. For a list of other critical website don'ts, check out this infographicinfographic.

Now, as we always say, these are just general guidelines. There might be something unique about your business or niche that requires you to do the complete opposite! We just can't really think of what that would be...

Do you have a DON'T to add to this list? We'd love to hear it!

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