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Get Ready: Millennials and Boomers are Coming to a Neighborhood Near You...

June 10 2015

rpr walkability

...And they want to walk.

Communities across the country are putting their best foot forward in an effort to attract home buying Millennials and Boomers to their walkable neighborhoods. A good idea since Millennials, comprising the largest share of U.S. homebuyers, and Boomers, who are running not walking to convenient-friendly communities, will dominate the real estate market for years to come.

Millennials, in particular, share the largest slice of the home buying market. As these up-and-coming 30-somethings emerge from boomerang status to first-time homebuyer, real estate's most influential demographic will seek communities with higher than average walkability scores—areas that allow them to bike or walk to work, school, retail and leisure activities.

REALTORS® keen on keeping emerging markets in mind are in a prime position to open doors in these neighborhoods by using the Walkability score, the latest—and steadily rising in popularity—feature offered by Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®).

Determining accurate and relatable Walkability is easy with RPR®. Based on a zero to five scale, the score reveals three essential elements of a neighborhood's proximity, or walking distance/length of time, to points of interest, such as restaurants, schools, parks and retail operations. The higher the score, the greater the accessibility to points of interest in the walking area.

rpr walkability scores

Walkability – Neighborhood Details page

On the RPR site, Walkability scores can be found in two places: 1) the Property Details page, which shows the scores for the immediate area around a property, and 2) the Neighborhood Details page, which shows scores for the area as a whole.

From RPR Mobile™, Walkability is accessed via the Location/Details section and will appear on the following reports: Property, Mini Property, Seller's and Neighborhood.

Learn moreLearn more about how to create an RPR reportcreate an RPR report including Walkability.

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