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3 New Ways to Market in Real Estate

June 08 2015

Most agents have a Facebook and use digital marketing to some extent. Some use billboards, benches, and bus station ads to get their name (and face) out there for the public. Check out some new age marketing techniques you should consider when planning your next real estate advertising venture.

Native Advertising

rcomm new ways marketIt's no secret that online blogs and newspapers are having a hard time generating revenue though traditional advertising.  So they are trying something new--native advertising. Instead of displaying as ads to readers or consumers, publications work the ad into tailored stories posted among their normal editorials and stories. Many readers don't even know they are reading an ad.

As an agent, this practice can be great. Contact your local newspaper or local blogger and see if you can pay to get some exposure for your business. The stories can be tailored to your expertise, so readers will get a good feel for your skills and business.

Start a real estate news site

I know it sounds weird, but being your own cheerleader does work in the digital real estate world. This option is helpful for agents who have a lack of local outlets to help get your name out there.

According to an article in the Wall Street JournalAccording to an article in the Wall Street Journal, people value reading content that's not trying to sell them anything. You can use your news site to release content based on your expertise. They will value this and think of you when buying or selling a home.

Podcast ads

For those not in the know, a podcast is a radio show you can listen to anytime. They are taking the world by storm. Like traditional radio, they use ads to generate revenue.

According to an article in Ad AgeAccording to an article in Ad Age, podcast listeners are more engaged, and are way more likely to convert than those reached by traditional advertising. Agents should contact podcasters and buy some digital radio ad space.

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