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4 Tips to Building Loyalty via Social Media

May 23 2011

social media dominoesGuest Contributor Alex Chang says:

Your first goal in Social Marketing – making loyal customers even more so.

Whether you're a downtown bistro, a local auto service shop or a popular salon, you want the phone to ring off the hook with new customers. After all, new customers means more sales revenue; right?

So it stands to reason that the most common way folks get started with Social Marketing is to try to come up with creative ways to hook new customers. "Free first-time consultation," daily online deal redeemable at peak lunch hour, and so on.

But guess what? If you are just starting out with Facebook and Twitter marketing and you're focusing your efforts to speak to new customers – you're missing a big opportunity to jump start your marketing.

The right goal is to focus first on making your loyal customers even more loyal!

Your loyal customers are the lowest hanging fruit for getting a quick return from Social Marketing for two reasons:

  1. They are the most pre-disposed audience for your brand. In other words, their ears are wide open to what you have to say.
  2. When they engage with your Social Marketing posts, and therefore give your posts a chance to appear on their wall to their friends...they are endorsing you and there is simply no more powerful marketing message than that.

So what should I be doing to cater to loyal customers?

Here are four great tips to ensure your Social Marketing creates bonds like cement with your loyal clients:

  1. Offer spontaneous "Loyal customer" discounts on your Facebook Page
  2. Encourage folks in your physical store to Like your Facebook Page for any great content you have to offer (Style Tips, Diet information, etc.)
  3. Use your Social Marketing campaigns to ask your customers how you can make your services even better for them
  4. Thank your best customers by name (if appropriate in your business) in your Facebook and Twitter

Do you have other ideas for customer loyalty? Share them with us!

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