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CoreLogic MarketLinx Document Manager

March 18 2010

corelogic marketlinx logoEase of use is a strong point of the CoreLogic MarketLinx Document Management product. It has been designed as a stand alone product but can be fully integrated with CoreLogic MarketLinx MLS systems, their Internet Fax product as well as the CoreLogic MarketLinx Transaction Manager product.

Like the CoreLogic MarketLinx Transaction Manager, the CoreLogic MarketLinx Document Management product is very easy to use. When the user signs on they are presented with a list of files that can be named as a property address or any name they want.

The system is property centric, though, which means that if you want to store generic documents like office policies or marketing materials the user still has to fill in some property fields, like address. While it is quite simple to work around this it would seem an easy fix to allow for both property centric and non-property centric documents as a normal option.

The CoreLogic MarketLinx document manager accepts all file types with the exception of executable files.

When a user signs into the document management system they can sort documents in a number of ways including status, such as “active” or “closed.”

The main document screen shows documents that have already been loaded but users can also queue documents for loading at a later date which are also shown on this screen.

View, upload rights can be set for any and all participants very similar to how a transaction might be managed.

CoreLogic MarketLinx has also done a great job of integrating the ability to work with and load documents directly from their MLS systems. This means that users can be working with a property on the MLS system and load a document that can be added to the Document Management system or they can do the same thing directly from the Document Management system.

The CoreLogic MarketLinx Document Management product is modular and can be used immediately with their Internet Fax and Transaction Management product or by itself. However, it is implemented, the advantage is that each of the modules has a very similar user interface making it easier for users to adapt and use products as they are added.

On the negative side the CoreLogic MarketLinx document management product only has “general” fax sheets which means that all documents go into an inbox. The user then goes to the inbox and files each document into the folder of their choice.

The system also does not include any capability for users to “notate” documents. You can make and view comments but not actually on the document itself.

The system also does not provide a “fax out” capability only email.


The CoreLogic MarketLinx document management system is a well designed, easy-to-use program that can be closely integrated with CoreLogic MarketLinx MLS systems. A strength is the user interface which like the Transaction Manager, is clean and simple to use. While the system is simple and easy to use, it is missing some features found in other Document Management systems which would be nice additions to add in the future such as “fax out” and more sophisticated document management collaboration tools such as on document notations. Irrespective of these noted suggestions for improvements the CoreLogic MarketLinx Document Management product offers many highly competitive features and a user interface that is among the easiest to use on the market today.