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Streamline Communication & Increase Productivity

Do you ever look at your inbox and feel overwhelmed by the volume of emails, only to find that once you dig in and read them all only 10 percent are actually relevant and require significant action? In the age of social networks and collaboration tools, we are finding new and greater ways to communicate. But all this over-communication tends to hamper our productivity and make us feel besieged.

Worse yet, the lost productivity sorting communications can affect our relationships with clients.

If you want to increase your productivity and put some of that time back into client relationships, a surefire place to start is to streamline your communications. Since so much communication takes place over email, start by taking a good look at your inbox. How much of the following do you see?

  • Group email threads where you are copied as an “FYI”
  • Endless email strings where you are not relevant to the conversation
  • Emails with revised document attachments
  • Meeting requests, updates, and cancellations
  • Email threads trying to find the best time for a client meeting
  • eNewsletters
  • Google alerts
  • Spam

If greater than 10 percent of your inbox are of this time-sucking, productivity-draining nature, it is time to tame the inbox by implementing a few simple tools and processes: