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Power Up Your LinkedIn Profile

May 18 2011

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Guest Contributor Chris Brogan says:

If you want to power up your LinkedIn profile, there's a one-two punch that matters in getting the most out of the software.

If you want to make that platform work for you, do these two things once a week:

  1. Edit your profile
  2. Write 5 recommendations

linkedin1Edit Your Profile

I promise that you haven't probably written your LinkedIn profile for your future. I bet you haven't made LinkedIn work for you. Those two things matter. Is your profile concise? Does it tell people what you want to do with them? Mine doesn't right now. I just looked in and it's crappy. I have to update it. Do the same with yours.

Write 5 Recommendations

First off, only write recommendations if you can honestly vouch for the person you're writing it for, and only if you want your endorsement to reflect on who YOU are, too. Want some more LinkedIn recommendation tipsWant some more LinkedIn recommendation tips?

Second, write recommendations that are punchy, powerful, dynamic, and sell the person you're hoping to recommend. If it's a tepid recommendation, don't bother.

And More

There are plenty of other ways to use LinkedIn effectively, and you'll figure them out.

But for now, put that one-two punch up on your calendar every week. Edit your profile every week. Write five recommendations every week. Running out of people to recommend? Then you're not connecting enough.

Go forth.

Read the original article by Chris BroganRead the original article by Chris Brogan.

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