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23 Big Mistakes to Avoid on Your Facebook Page

May 03 2011


I recently read an excellent article by on 10 mistakes you can make on your Facebook Page10 mistakes you can make on your Facebook Page. I wanted to share their mistakes and add 13 more of our own.

#1 Too many post – "Posting too many times a day should be different for brands and media companies. The recommended average of posting would be once a day for a brand (or 2–3 times exceptionally if you have a very good announcement).

#2 Deleting negative comments – It is never the problem that is the problem; it is how you respond to the problem that is the problem. Do not delete negative comments, take them head on...your fans will appreciate you for it.

#3 Posting too often – Have you ever seen a page that publishes 5 status updates in a matter of seconds? Spread your post out. I recommend early morning, after 5pm and late night.

#4 Same type of post (always posting links) – Add photos, videos, links, text, and ask questions....not just links.

#5 Not adding a description – Take the time to add a description to any links or videos that you share to your page. If you are not going to take the time to tell me "why" I should click through, then I am not going to bother to read it.

#6 Unresponsive – Facebook is not a monologue; it is a dialogue.* If you are using Facebook to blast out your message – you are using it wrong.

#7 Too long to respond – I know many of you are on the road all day long, set up Postling to be notified anytime a fan post on your wall or replies to you post. You will receive an email notification and you can reply on your mobile phone.

#8 Blasting out event invites – How many of you have received invites to Open Houses in other states? Please do not do this!

#9 Quotes overload – Quotes are fine once in a while, but adding quotes every day can becoming pretty bland....unless your pages theme is "Famous Quotes."

#10 Syndication – I wrote about this in more detail recently. Syndication tells your community that you are too important and too busy to take the 3 seconds it takes to manually post to Facebook. My advice, do not do it.

#11 No content strategy – If you don't know why your page exists, you will have no chance of building an engaged audience. Clearly define your theme (write it down) and develop a strategy to deliver highly valuable content that is relevant to your theme.

#12 No welcome page – Low hanging fruit. Studies have show that visitors are 2x as likely to "Like" your page when they land on a Welcome Page. Set it up.

#13 Neglecting your page - Mari Smith said in a recent interview, "I have never neglected my page." Consistency is far more important than short burst of activity.

#14 Only curating, not creating – One of the biggest benefits of using Facebook is the ability to drive significant traffic to your blog/site. If you are only sharing other people's content – you will be driving traffic to other sites that are not your own. Here are 15 Blog Topic Ideas to get you started.

#15 Only creating, not curating – This is the quickest way to burn yourself out. As a full-time Realtor®, most of you do not have the time to create content every single day....Find a few good sources that provide great information and share it with your community. They will love you for it!

#16 Not establishing clear goals – Be Specific! I want to grow my network to 500 "Likes" and 750 monthly active users in 60 days is better than, I want to get more "Likes"...

#17 Not uploading your database – Send out an invite to the people who already know, like and trust you. Here are the instructions.

#18 Not creating a vanity URL – You can set this up as soon as you have 25 "Likes." You can never change this, so choose wisely. Here are the instructions.

#19 Forgetting about the stuff you hand out – Add your Facebook URL to your business cards / print marketing – Every interaction is an opportunity for you to grow your online network. Sweat the details; they matter.

#20 Not adding a Like Box to your site – No excuses here! The Like Box is a simple social plugin that can be embedded into any site/blog. Here are the video instructions.

#21 Not adding your Facebook URL to your email signature – How many emails do you send out a day? Getting the people you already know to connect with you on Facebook is one of the easiest ways to get jump started.

#22 Fluff Posts – If you cannot create good content – seek it out and share it. Avoid posting for the sake of posting.

#23 Me Me Me Talk - Chris Brogan has a 12 to 1 rule. Talk about other people 12x more than you talk about yourself. This can definitely apply to your Facebook Marketing Strategy.

Read the original article.Read the original article.