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Grocery Carts are the Best Place for Real Estate Agents to Advertise...Right?

May 02 2011

shopping cartThere’s been a lot of flurry going around the real estate blogosphere concerning the age of the average real estate agent versus their target market which has been identified as Generation Y. With that introduction, I’d like to take you with me to last Saturday at the local grocery store where I saw the ad pictured here-names, numbers and faces have been obscured to protect the innocent. This advertising tactic struck me as kind of weird and fell in league with the table top business card advertising that you still see occasionally in Mom and Pop style restaurants. Is this the kind of impression that you want to give your clients from Generation Y where absolutely every question, idea, interest and relationship is broadcasted or downloaded from the Internet?

The answer is probably not. Although real estate agents have a genuine challenge when it comes to advertising on a shoe string budget, the Internet is still a pretty cheap venue when you compare it to other media outlets. Advertising online successfully however, does require some investigation, primarily into what technologies work consistently and encompass the largest spectrum of possibilities to capture a homebuyer’s interest.

The biggest challenge on the Internet is gaining visibility for keywords homebuyers are actually using to find real estate. Most agents assume that they must win on the big ones like “your city name real estate” or “houses for sale in your city” but that is not the case. Going after long tail keywords-these are very specific keywords that are searched on but at a lower frequency-is a much more achievable goal and it gets spectacular results. The power lies within using a great quantity of long tail keywords on your site.

Gaining placement for scads of easy to win keywords is simple when you use a technology that automates the process by taking MLS listing information and transforming the agent’s remarks into optimized, keyword rich detail pages of a property. The real beauty is that the listings don’t even have to be yours…they can be anyone’s listings that is working under a broker that has signed an IDX Broker Reciprocity Agreement-which is just about everyone under the sun that wants to be in the game.

There isn’t a good reason to not take on the web as your main advertising approach instead of spending your precious advertising dollars on worn out, expendable strategies like flyers, door hangers or even grocery cart adverts.

You can market appropriately for your target demographic and a great deal of the work can be done for you automatically when you choose a progressive technology that can help you gain placement for thousands of keywords that homebuyers use every day to find real estate. Even if you’re not web savvy, you just need to use a website provider that is so you can get in front of your ideal audience easily, economically and for the long term. It’s time to get in the game.

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