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SureClose Wins Wright Kingdom's Vote

March 17 2010

Wright Kingdom Real Estate recently deployed SureClose┬« within their company, and they have already begun to enjoy the benefits of their decision. Lew Kingdom, managing broker of the firm, spent time researching various transaction management software, available to real estate professionals. 

Lew Kingdom choose SureClose for his firm and then recorded a video to spread the word about why SureClose worked for him. He explains the process he went through to decide on SureClose, and the specific technical needs SureClose meets.

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Video Summary:

In the above video, Lew Kingdom explains that since summer 2009 his firm began looking for something to help with the transaction process. Knowing that there are multiple real estate technology products that meet these needs, in various ways, Lew and his team chose to review and conduct product demos for five other programs. After reviewing these products, Lew came away feeling that SureClose met their office needs.

Lew liked that SureClose provides an agent-specific system and a broker-specific system. SureClose handled both sides of a transaction. Lew stated that he felt SureClose offered risk management tools. It allows agents to be more mobile in their work and include their clients in the transaction process.

Wright Kingdom Real Estate is located in Boulder, CO, where the local IRIS MLS system partners with SureClose; this partnership makes it easy to get involved, as SureClose product training is available on site with IRIS representatives. He encourages anyone looking for a transaction/closing program to consider SureClose to demo their product.


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