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Top 4 Ways to Build a Social Audience

April 18 2011

International connections map 200pxGuest contributor Clark Alexander says:

Facebook Account?... Check!

Twitter Account?... Check!

... Now what?

Your business is officially a part of the social Web, you have created your Facebook business page and you have skinned out your Twitter page, now what? Most businesses struggle with this very question; how do you build out your social audience?

1. Business IS personal. The friends of friends effect is very powerful on the social Web. Do not be afraid of your personal contacts bleeding into your business contacts and vice versa. Make your friends aware of your business' social presence and ask them to participate, you will be surprised at the engagement it can generate!

2. Press upon them for support. If done professionally, your personal network can be a great base for you grow your social audience from. Don't be afraid to "ping" your close friends, family, and trusted advisors more than once. Some may need reminding and some may react to an email with a link versus an email on Facebook; everyone is different. I am not saying that the road to social success will be by continually spam your friends with requests to "Like" your page or to follow your business on Twitter... but all social audiences need a base, and your close contacts can be the way to build a base.

3. Make social media part of your daily routine. You get what you give in social media; it requires a cadence of activity to ensure you stay top of mind with your followers. The minute you let it go, you let go of your audience, leverage tools like Roost to keep you consistent and connected to your followers.

4. Make it easy for people to find your social presence by adding your new Facebook URL on your website, your business cards, your email signature, etc. You can even add a like button or a follow button to make the action extremely easy for someone, the following article maps out how easy it can be to add them to your email signature.

Adding a Like Button

And remember, you have to start somewhere, don't get discouraged. It will be a formula special to only you and your network. You will figure out what works over time.

Clark Alexander is the Vice President of Sales for Roost.

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