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I Wonder What Kind of Real Estate Agent Some People Are?

April 13 2011

creepy realtor 200pxLately my biggest pet peeve about the real estate industry is the public perception of us. The frustrating part is that people are afraid to tell you.

Tonight, while Katarina was in her swimning class, I was chatting with another parent. We were talking about our work background, and I mentioned technology and real estate. I think he only heard "tech."

As the conversation continued, and I mentioned The Hip Roof and what it was, he then told me about how he bought his current house.



“I found no value at all in our real estate agent.” I asked him why and to expand on that. After listening to his story, which was clearly a tale of a real estate agent who cared nothing for customer service, I said…

“You obviously didn’t have a good real estate agent. A good agent brings plenty of value; a bad agent damages the whole industry.”

He then profusely apologized, stating he would not have said anything if he realized I was a real estate agent. I clearly told him I appreciated the feedback and that his experience is what I fight every day, that my job is to help my clients – sometimes that means helping them realize they don’t want to buy or sell at that time.

This is what the industry has to overcome. Too often the real estate experience is a negative one and people don’t want to come back. That is what he said tonight.

How do we fix this?

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