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Blog Like You Stole It... the Idea Anyway

April 07 2011

bloggerThe majority of those involved in real estate have heard about incredible opportunity that blogging presents and how it can make a huge impact on business, yet so many put off getting involved because of misconceptions or just plain fear of the unknown. The first step is to just start writing. That’s right, get off the fence and start moving those little sausages attached to your hands…

A sure way to succeed in blogging is to develop your perspective and hone your online personality. Join online groups that represent your interests and study writing styles that you admire or capture your attention…then mimic. Your own style will emerge and the personality that comes through your writing helps to connect with people on a personal level. No one wants to talk to a brand and it’s hard to relate to a logo or a robotic announcement of the latest market report.

Finding relevant topics to write about can be as simple as subscribing to local or national online news outlets, they don’t even have to be directly real estate related, but keeping up with trends can give you plenty of ideas from which to spin fresh content. Don’t be afraid to write about topics that top bloggers write about. There is nothing wrong about forming your own opinion and presenting that opinion regardless of the source of inspiration. Most likely that blogger was inspired by someone else as well.

One way to build credibility is to write on subjects that you’re interested in writing about. Formulating thoughts and ideas on subjects that we feel passionate about is substantially easier than trying to squeeze creativity out of a topic that we have little interest in. Comment on others blogs posts that you find intriguing, that could be the thrust that gets you motivated to write a more in depth perspective on the same subject or take it in a different direction.

For the real estate industry, writing a blog post that offers a “how to” or “guide to” can generate more interest than a general description of the local real estate market. Enticing people to click through to your website or pick up the phone is of course the ultimate goal so leave them wanting more information. The trick in doing this is to bait the content with a link that inspires a click through. For example, offering the secrets of search engine optimization for real estatesearch engine optimization for real estate might result in a click through because the reader understands that something of value is being offered at another webpage.


Don’t forget that the objective is to market you as the professional and the “go to” person for advice or point of view. Sprinkle keywords in the body of your post for the search engines as well because getting search engine traffic is critical to get the phone to ring and capture real estate leads. Now get busy and go forth and conquer!

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