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5 Things To Know about Marketing on the Web

April 05 2011

webinarDeveloping your ability to engage customers online is critical now more than ever as people turn to the web in virtually every aspect of life. Turning your skills into something that can actually result in a transaction is a more challenging than simply posting an update on Facebook or Twitter.

To use the Internet to market your product, (remember that real estate is a product) it’s going to require not only time but a determined commitment to learn how to use this powerful tool to your best advantage.

Here are five marketing pearls to ponder upon.


1. Pay attention to trends. This doesn’t mean that you have to embrace every new idea that comes along. Some are good, some are fantastic (for a while) and some won’t make any sense for your personal style of engagement. If you find something that fits well and it’s generating some kind of “buzz,” use it to the best of your ability. Trends, by definition are a tendency to drift in a direction, so it’s important to keep that in mind and be able to let go when the trends drift elsewhere.

2. Don’t get stuck on one thing. Google’s early 2011 algorithm change had an immensely negative impact on article marketers. People that have built their entire online identity using this one linking block were squashed. Diversity is super important so that Google can’t wipe out your visibility based upon one algorithm change.

3. Target a niche. If you’re trying to break in and make a name for yourself as the new guy (or gal), start where you can get a foothold. In real estate, niches are already carved from property features like luxury homes, golf homes or even retirement communities. There are plenty of additional niches to go after like equestrian, affordable, HUD, foreclosed and more. It’s easy to do if you use real estate technology that automates this process. You could target dozens of niches at once and effectively.

4. Always offer value to readers, followers and unexpected guests that visit your site from the search engines. It’s tough to get any kind of following so don’t disappoint by publishing subpar writing on blah subjects. It’s a true challenge to make real estate listings exciting so try to offer value in the static content of your web pages by writing thoughtful and well researched market area information.

5. Stay committed. It’s difficult to keep up momentum as you get busy but marketing on the web is not something you should do on and off again. Especially when it comes to building offsite links for your site. You want to keep the inbound links coming consistently to your site as this is a positive indicator to the search engines and keeping fresh content in front of homebuyers should be part of any marketing strategy.

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