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Facebook Adds New Feature to Generate Interaction!

April 01 2011

thumbsup thumbsdownThis weekend, on my daily Facebook "liking" streak and RE Technology, Inc., insight evaluation, I stumbled upon (no pun intended) another new feature on Facebook! It's called Questions. If you're anything like me, curiosity is one of your best strengths, and you will not waste any time satisfying it. It's well worth investing a few minutes to learn about this new feature, how you can use it and follow the steps below to setting this up and testing it.

If you have a Facebook business page, you can now create internal questions and invite friends on your page to respond publically!

What does it look like?

FB Questions 1

A couple cool things about this feature:

  1. It's clean in design and attractive.
  2. You can type in as many as 10 options/answers to your question.
  3. You can follow this question (as I have above) to track the responses in real-time.
  4. You can Ask Friends to respond! If you click on Ask Friends, you will be able to go through your entire friend list on Facebook and highlight who you would like to invite to respond. This can help promote online engagement.
  5. The answer with the highest number of votes will be highlighted in blue.
  6. Each time someone votes, their avatar is seen to the left of the answer they selected.
  7. The main drawback I have found with this feature is that you are not allowed to include a URL in the question itself. This limits agents/brokers from linking to their newest virtual tour, listing or blog. This is unfortunate.

Where do I find it on my business page?

You'll find the Question option right next to where you see status, for posting on your wall, as well as photos, links, and video. (See below.)

FB question locatoin

Real Estate uses for this feature include:

  • You could ask past clients what they feel your strengths are and have them vote and display their responses publically.
    • Benefit to you: create an unintimidating way to generate a public review of your service.
  • You could ask potential homebuyers what features are most important to them in their home search.
    • Benefit to you: engage home buyers and spread your brand awareness to them, as well as to all their friends, who can see how they responded!
  • You could ask home buyers what technology they find most effective, such as QR Codes, text message marketing, online virtual tour, 3D floor plans, etc. It may be a good idea to only name technologies you personally use, unless you plan to use the responses to your question as a benchmark for what technology to invest in next.
    • Benefit to you: you establish that you are technology savvy, as well as able to provide all of those technologies to a seller.
  • You could ask an economy question and provide options for people to select. This can generate more responses, because it appeals more to a wider range of people (including your personal friends and family); and, in doing so, can provide you more exposure.
    • Benefit to you: engage more people and establish the fact that you understand and are actively watching economic trends and/or your local housing market.

There are countless ways to utilize this new feature to your benefit.

Have any other suggestions for ways REALTORS® could use Facebook Questions to drive business?

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