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Are You Targeting Gen Y?

March 31 2011




stand out of the crowd When it comes to Generation Y home buyers, as a real estate agent you’re going to find that their needs are different from the previous generation of home buyers.

Who is Generation Y anyway? Generation Y is anyone born between 1977 and 1995. 

This generation is accustomed to operating in a world with remote controls, Internet and smart phones. In other words, they are accustomed to instant communication at the tips of their fingers.


When it comes to building, selling and marketing to this generation – it’s totally different. They'll expect home to be wired with the necessary technology and connectivity to accompany their gadgets. When you find a property of interest to them, they'll expect you to send the information instantly to be viewed on a laptop, smartphone or personal digital assistant (PDA).

Given that Generation Y is increasingly becoming the largest share of home buyers, you will need to market to them successfully with strategies such as:

1.     Have a Generation Y ready website – Generation Y is more likely to contact you though some form of electronic means. Make sure you have fill-in forms on your website so that you are easy to contact.

2.     Have Access to Forms that can be downloaded from your website – Generation Y is used to PDFs and interactive document sharing – they are not used to doing business through fax machines or setting up multiple in-person meetings.

3.     Know how to text – Most Generation Yers prefer texting to phone calls.  Letting them know about new listings through text messages is a quick way to inform them through a more personalized form communication.

4.     Make Social Media your best friend – Most Generation Y'ers spend considerable time on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other social media sites. If you have a Generation Y client and want them to see a home – You can record and post a short video about the property to YouTube and link it to the other social media sites.

5.     Have paperless solutions – Generation Y isn’t one for using their fingers to write – they are accustomed  to using the keyboard to write and a mouse to click and draw.

Do these strategies sound reasonable, but you’re not sure how to implement them?