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LinkedIn: Are You Leveraging the Premier B2B Social Network? [Infographic]

March 25 2011

linkedin logoOn we talk about "edutizing" your clients. In 2011 potential clients won't look twice at your post/blog unless its evident that by reading your information you will give them something of value first and foremost. Often, especially in service industries, it is vital to impart some kind of education to potential clients. Give them a little something interesting to think about, share with their friends and feel like the source of valuable information. Don't give too much; you want to continually become the conduit to their valuable information. That is the goal.

One of the best examples of this is HubSpot. I love reading their blogblog and today they posted something really facinating about LinkedIn. In their recent post, they provide some valuable marketing advice as they share LinkedIn's infographic:


LinkedIn is often the first thing that comes to mind when marketers think about social media for business-to-business (B2B) companies. Today, the popular B2B social network announced that it hit a major milestone, surpassing 100 million users. LinkedIn is now growing at about one million users per week, with a new professional joining the site every second. LinkedIn is growing globally with more than half of its users outside of the U.S., located in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

To celebrate this major milestone, LinkedIn created an inforgraphic demonstrating the growth and scale of its platform.

LinkedInInfographic resized 600

Marketing Takeaway

With its continued growth, LinkedIn has established itself as the premier B2B social network. As a marketer looking to drive leads for your business, you need to understand how your target audience uses LinkedIn. Research LinkedIn groups, discussions and answers to see how you can leverage these content discovery channels for your business.

Remember that the rules of inbound marketing apply to LinkedIn, too. You should be sharing and creating relevant and non-promotional content about your industry to build connections that will help drive leads and new business. Also, don't forget that search engine optimization isn't limited to Google only. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is optimized for the keywords and phrases that potenital customers would be looking for as they search LinkedIn.

To read Kipp Bodnar's original HubSpot blog post, please click hereclick here.

How have you used LinkedIn to promote your real estate business?

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