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5 Tips to Motivate You This Week!

March 28 2011

business peopleHave you ever enjoyed an experience like this: You meet with someone and two hours fly by and you can’t believe the meeting is over! You still have so much to learn from them that you just don’t want it to end!

What if every meeting or presentation you were a part of ended like that? Would your second connection with these people be easier or harder to schedule? Easier is the answer of course!

So the question is: After working with you, do prospects leave so energized, so pumped up, so laden with valuable information, tips, strategies, resources and inspiration that they can hardly wait to meet with you again? 

If your goal is not to surprise, delight, engage, energize and really connect with people you are doing business with, you might want to fine-tune your strategy.

Today I met with a most amazing professional. Tony Jeary may not be a household name to you, but he is the executive coach of choice to the world’s top CEO’s and high achievers for over 20 years. His clients include presidents of companies like Wal-Mart, Firestone, Shell, and even the United States Senate! You can’t leave his presence without being so excited about possibilities that you need and want more…

And that is exactly what most sales people and leaders should aspire to…guiding those we serve to a place that shows our prospects and customers how to achieve their own best scenarios to attain their personal and professional success.

Whether you are selling houses, tires, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals, your product or service must include specific components that ignite and inspire those we serve by providing solutions to their problems. Here are a few key activities to include in order to fine-tune your personal and professional interactions:

1) Be and sound ENERGETIC!

If you aren’t truly excited about what you do and how you do it, you will rarely communicate the value to another person. Without contradicting your personal style, allow your enthusiasm and passion for what you offer be transparent so your prospects can engage with you and participate in working with them to provide solutions to their needs.

2) Invest in PREPARATION!

Want to really impress someone? How about having prepared a full spectrum of information about them and possible solutions to help their business available so they can see that you made an investment in them? Too many sales people spend the bulk of their time perfecting their presentation, trying to “sell” their product or service instead of investing the time to get information about the prospect’s needs when preparing for the meeting.

3) Be a true EXPERT!

How deeply do you study your own product or service and that of the competition? Can you draw from accurate information and statistics to help determine the best solution for your prospect or customer? People will ALWAYS pay for expertise. Become an expert by investing even 30 minutes a day every day on a competency and you will develop solid expertise in your given niche.

4) Learn PRESENTATION skills.

All the information on the planet won’t help you if you haven’t learned the most engaging and powerful ways to communicate. People connect logically and emotionally. Logic will help them see the value, but emotions provide the actions to buy or not buy. Study up on behavioral styles and generational communication dynamics to connect with all four communication styles and age groups. Invest in presentation skill coaching if this is an area for serious improvement. It is guaranteed to pay off!

5) Be AUTHENTIC with your word.

Nothing is more devastating than someone who shows up, makes all kinds of promises and doesn’t deliver. If you are not a systems person, set up checks and balances to keep you focused and on target with action steps and deliveries on what you promised. There is no second chance when you compromise your integrity. It is a highly underestimated and powerful action that doesn’t cost in dollars, but in attention to executing what you have promised.

Focus on these simple steps and you are sure to be the provider of choice and create raving fans and repeat business.

Terri Murphy, author of five books, her latest with Donald Trump, is a speaker and consultant.

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