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Are You Technically Ready to do Business Today?

March 24 2011

telivant logoTelivant is constantly monitoring and researching the technical skills of real estate professionals (RE Pros). From this work, we have developed insight into three categories that we feel illustrate the current distribution of technical proficiency of RE Pros.

3 Tech Categories pieResource: © Telivant, 2011

Technically Enlightened


  • Roughly 10 percent of real estate professionals.
  • They are business professionals who enjoy working with technology and are early adaptors of emerging capabilities.
  • Naturally forming a social media community, they are usually self-taught; the group tends to have very specific knowledge in some areas (i.e. social media) but have little knowledge or skill in others; For example, a master at Facebook networking with little knowledge of how to back up their local hard drive.
  • Individuals in this group develop the reputation as the technical “gurus” in their office and are frequently sought out by colleagues to assist with technical challenges. Many openly complain about this role interfering with their work and increasingly avoid working in the office.

Technically Determined

  • Approximately 70 percent of real estate professionals.
  • Business professionals who understand that using technology is important and desire to use it more in their work, but lack the time, background and determination to build technical knowledge and skill on their own. They want to use technology better but can’t seem to make progress; their learning is slower than the rate of technical change.
  • Individuals in this group have “wasted” (their term) countless hours trying to figure out how to connect a device, edit an image, or send a file. They lack fundamental understanding of technology and its language, which is manifested as reluctance and a lack of confidence in dealing with most new technical challenges.
  • Typically individuals in this group seek out colleagues, relatives, smart friends or pay their local “computer guy” to assist with setting up new devices or installing applications. They have invested much time and money in solutions they are unable to master, giving up in frustration and reinforcing their technology fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Technically Detached

  • About 20 percent of RE Pros are consciously limiting their engagement with technology because: They are confident in their current business model, or, they are unwilling to delve into the complexity of technology.
  • They are business professionals who, for a host of reasons, are minimally engaged in learning to use and leverage technology in their business.
  • These business professionals are making a conscious decision not to pursue technology beyond the fundamental use of MLS, email, and some other basic business productivity applications.
  • Professionals in this group competently go about their business using traditional tools to market their business and connect with clients. If they need to adopt new technical tools, they will do so reluctantly and always with assistance.
  • This group is divided into two sub-groups:
    1. Agents who are feeling the threat of technology and are trending toward the Technically Determined group.
    2. Individuals who are committed to their current processes, have no interest in learning or using technology, and will be content wherever their path leads.

Telivant believes that the real estate industry is in desperate need of a product that not only helps the real estate professional learn how to thrive in a rapidly changing environment, but one that allows for them to learn on their time. Fewer, busy real estate professionals have the time to sit in a training session or workshop that takes a whole day. Because of the nature of the business, real estate professionals are always on. The ability to use on-demand tools to learn specific technology when they need it enables them to be much more effective.

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