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11 Email Marketing Terms You Need to Know

emailingEmail service providers are constantly throwing around terms that sometimes our customers may or may not know. So we decided to pick 11 email-marketing terms and help you understand what they mean. Don't be offended if you know some of these, we're trying to cover a lot of bases here. Here goes!

1. ROI (Return on Investment) - Your ROI is the measure of the profit you make and/or costs saved at your business. For your email marketing campaigns you calculate cost of sending email plus time.

ROI = [(Payback - Investment)/Investment)]*100

2. Open Rate - Your open rate is simply the number recipients who opened your HTML emails. It is typically measured as a percentage of the total number of emails sent, although calculation methods may differ. The open rate is considered a useful metric for judging response to an email campaign but it should be noted that open rates for text emails can't be calculated AND some email clients don't display images as a default which would under report your total number of opens. Open rates average about 20%.