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Write Better Email with the Information Gap

May 27 2015

3 examples that will get you more responses from your follow-up email

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You've got new leads coming in every week that need your help. You've got people in your database who are ready to buy. You might even meet someone tonight at a social event who could be your next sale.

The problem: They ask for help once and evaporate.

It gets worse. Your new web leads inquire about a property, yet they're never to be seen again. Or even more frustratingly, you run into an old friend and find out they've recently purchased a home (from another agent).

There is a simple solution – The information gap.

What's the point?

If you're a great salesperson, once you get someone on the phone, you know how to close. You just need them to call. That's exactly where most people are failing when it comes to their email follow-up.

Instead of giving people a reason to reach out or a reason to ask for more information, most email marketing is focused on delivering the details.

Our clients constantly ask, How can I get people to search for homes on my website? How can I drive people back to my blog? My question to them and you is — what is the purpose of your blog, what is the purpose of your website?

If you're and selling something that people can click to buy, I'd say that's a good strategy. If you're a salesperson, I'd say your website is for lead capture. Once you have their contact information, you want them to come to you for the information they need... not your website.

Curious to learn more about how we use this strategy? Schedule your own demoSchedule your own demo or for your do-it-yourselfers, or download the three great example emails below.

See 3 great example emails that use the information gap here.See 3 great example emails that use the information gap here.

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