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Create a Fancy iPhone Email Signature for Free

March 21 2011

If you would like your emails sent from your iPhone to have a special email signature, check out CoolGeex. This is a short tutorial on how to use this technology in under 10 minutes!

To begin, go to and fill out your info:

cool geex iphone info

Then fill out as much as you want to share:

cool geex 2 iphone more

Make sure you add a pin otherwise the application will fail.

iphone code Create a fancy iPhone email signature for free

Once you are done the app asks if you want an email sent to you with the link to install your signature.

Open the email on your iPhone, click the link and then enter the pin that you selected previously and bingo – your custom signature is automatically installed.

How cool is that?

Plus it took less that 10 minutes from start to finish.




If you want to see how mine turned out, check out the below image!

photo iphone

Additional tips to integrate this signature with your iPhones, include:

1. Create the signature on the webpage and SET YOUR PIN
2. Open the email from your iPhone. Save the page to your homepage on your phone
3. Click the icon on your iphone home page, and enter your pin
4. To use the signature, you need to send mail by pressing the icon on the app.

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