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The QR Code Solution For Real Estate (and more) Is Here

March 18 2011

As much as I have written on QR codes lately, this might be a bit of a reversal of fortune, but so be it; if I must chew shoe leather, I will. I spoke about QR codes in Future of Marketing: 60 in 60 in the fall, and I know there has been a lot of debate as to the value in the real estate industry. Business cards seem to be the ideal purpose, and for a techy like me, no problem – I can change the page information anytime I want. The difference is that the average real estate agent can’t. So how do you overcome that problem?


After I found Universal Property Codes and wrote my post about them, I got a lot of feedback, not as much as the first QR code blog, but people still commented and discussed it. I was still uncertain about how useful these would be, but I never stopped thinking about it.

A week later I got a phone call, it was an Arizona number. I answered, and a gentleman greeted me and announced that he had read my QR code blog. My first reaction was, ‘Uh-oh, I hope this isn’t the UPC company’ – I don’t expect to get calls about things I write about, but it does happen. We chatted briefly and scheduled a call for later in the week; I was just getting home with the kids and didn’t have time to talk.

When next we spoke, it was very interesting. Steven Davis from Universal Property Codes is a sharp guy. He works in commercial real estate and had felt a need for QR codes for commercial, and as a result, UPC was created. The story is a bit more involved, but he can tell it himself. We spoke for a while about QR codes, after an in-depth game of “Long Island Geography” (turns out we very likely had many mutual friends in high school). We got talking about his product. What I thought of it, suggestions, ideas, social media benefits, strategies and so on. We decided to reconvene in the near future.

Busy schedules being what they are, we had a few more talks. Over the process of the conversations he and Scott Hintze made some modifications to their system and came up with the most marvelous solution. Exactly what I want to see from a QR code for real estate. I also can see it going well beyond real estate because it is so simple.

They are still in beta, so the QR codes are still a little complex, but they are working on that modification, the brilliance is in the function. The Universal Property Codes are created through their site, you enter the property information – or product information – and have a few options. You can use your contact info, set up someone else’s information (for a team) and then have the choice of how your code will function. If you go with the default they have their own app for the iPhone and the Android that can scan it – nifty stuff, but what I REALLY like is the direct to a URL option.

Take a tour!

This is where they win, in my opinion. I buy five QR codes. I download them with sign printing information or I just download the code (actually, it is emailed to you to download). I assign those to five different properties. As the properties sell, I can go back into my five codes and edit the information, changing the property. But even better, I can go into their system ANYTIME I want to and change the URL that my code directs to. This makes their QR codes reusable! I have to be honest, I think this is fantastic for local storefronts and beyond as well.

What did I do? I made a QR code to put on a business card, they also gave me some info about how they are read and some tips – I can brand it myself with my own logo in the center without losing the ability to have the code read. So a tip of the hat to the Universal Property Code team, I am sold, I am excited – you found the way to really make the QR code work. I can’t wait to see what everyone else thinks.

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